July 7 bombing victims family racially abused

How terrible.
frenchperson said:
I hope the Sun, Daily Mail et al. are happy, having engaged themselves in a lengthy campaign of sowing the seeds of ignorance, division and xenophobia
They don't need to. The vast majority of the great Bleetish public are a bunch of thick, lager-swilling, white van-driving, cnuts anyway. Hey, it's multi-culturism stripped bare. Not pretty is it? It's a pity the cnuts that espouse the diversity dream are never around to experience it in the raw. Tips & icebergs anyone?

Cynical of Leicester
Unwashed ignorant w@nkers.
My son and his friends had a late night run in with a group of racist chanting skinhead types near Liverpool Street Station a week or so ago, they surrounded one of his mates, dark skinned kid, and screamed abuse.

One of them asked which part of 'Pakiland' he was from, seems they went quiet and left when he said the Italian part...

Not the brightest lamps in the shop then boys huh?

Typical of mass hysteria that seems to be gripping us... 'He LOOKED like the type' ???? :?

Truly awful and very worrying. How long before this hysteria whips up into a frenzy and mob mentality rules??

Fingers crossed it won't, and hopefully the amount of sane and decent folk with more than two brain cells to rub together still outnumber the unwashed ignorant w@nkers (as BB wrote!), but if it does happen then my question is what happens next???? Where does that lead us????
Its was always going to be the case, The newspapers have stirred the chav lot up into a frenzy, and now stepped back, its just like lighting the touch paper on a firework.

I now think that the racial hatred is about to explode, for not only the govenment with the immigration thing, but now the bombings as well has made alot of these chavs decide to get recruited into the NF etc...

And because of the younger generation seem to be lackingsome what in brain power they cant see that not every coloured in the UK is not about to insite terrorism!


"The abuse was very distressing for the victim and was caused by ignorance and prejudice.
This country is crawling with ignorant chavs, I’m not at all surprised this has happened.
But this isn’t the first racial abuse against Muslims since the London bombings and it won’t be the last. Muslims have been targeted for abuse by the ignorant ever since September 11.

Our chavs need educating.
It doesn’t help that the media is overly keen to show AQ as completely made up of Islamic fundamentalists (which is true), but really isn’t that interested in informing the public that the majority of Muslims are not supporters of AQ.

I’m surprised that no one has been killed over this yet, although it wouldn’t surprise me if this has already happened and I just haven’t heard about it.