July 21st Attempted Bombers were Mercenaries

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Richierichcrx, Jul 30, 2005.

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  1. For what it's worth. My Mother is of the opinion that five alleged bombers are mercenaries, and were paid to do the attacks. She questions that surely if they were committed zealots they would have followed the example of the Madrid Bombers and blown themselves up or had a shoot-out with the authorities. Of course they may have tried to blow themselves up and this second set of devices failed like the first. In defence she is 86, though she lived through the blitz in London and escaped a strqaffing by the luftwaffe and a V2 which exploded in a neigbours garden.
  2. Gawd luvver, it were ard but it were fair, Goin dahn the old Kent Road fer a knees up Muvver Brahn? Them Krays was good boys really you could leave yer doors open and it ain't never been the same since them darkies moved in, etc. (Continued ad nauseum on Page 94)
  3. Muvva Brahn.......whatever 'appened to 'er?
  4. Interesting theory with one minor flaw its bollocks. Mercenaries do not go in for suicide bombings for the simple reason that it’s a once in a life time job with little scope to spend the money that they were paid. I think that you old dear has been going a little strong at the gin.
  5. Ahhh Greengrass you've just solved the mystery of the evaporating gin. I'll put a lock on the cupboard door that'll 'Muvva Brahn'. Cheers
  6. During arapig's time in power in palestine the suicide bombers families* were paid $20,000 - $50,000. If I remember correctly various arab countries helped with the payments, including saudi and iraq. These payments may still be the norm.

    edited to add: *Not every family
  7. Also apparently recruited from AIDS sufferers with no prospect of getting treatment who would become a burden on their families when they get sick. Its a shi tty world.
  8. Do you get BUPA as well ?
  9. Armourers right, the families of suicide/martyrdom bombers do get paid for their sons (generally) actions.

    Not sure about the AIDS sufferers bit though,

    I think most of the suiciders are young men who are generally quiet and almost loners but are devout followers of the faith. Once some mad mullah gets his claws in to them they turn ultra devout and are happy to pop off a bomb in the believe that they will be tended to by 100s of virgins in the after world, and the infidels they kill will be their slaves.
  10. I have always wondered about the virgins I mean do you get a replacement virgin after you bang her or are you left with the same ones. An eternity with the same winging harpies all on the blob together sounds a bit rough to me.
  11. Part of the briefing the Met's researchers got from the IDF when they were drawing up the guidelines for Op Kratos, apparently.
  12. It does make sense.

    Most of Africa is going down with AIDS, and there are undoubtedly many muslims in Africa (either by birth or conversion) and they would drag their families down as they succumbed to their malady.

    Maybe it's a warning of what might happen.

    Like I say most suicide bombers so far (from information I have seen and heard) are young, quiet devout young men.
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    If the suicide bomber has AIDS, would that make it a 'dirty bomb' ?
  14. Naw...their 'HOMO-cide' bombers...
  15. Biological warfare ?