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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MuddleMaker, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. Word is that many Londoners, or people who currently live in London are planning to evacuate the City while the Olympics are on.

    When will visitors start arriving in London and the surrounding districts ready for the Olympics. I need to visit outer London a few days before Olympics officially start. Are some hotels getting booked up already, do you know?
  2. Hold on for 5 minutes. I'll call every hotel within the M25 for you and produce a nice powerpoint presentation with slides, music, pie charts etc.

    Fuck off you spanker.
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  3. You made a typo or twelve.
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  4. I have no fukkin idea. What I do know is that every hotel I tried to book for army/navy weekend (including the one I have used for the last 5 years) have increased in price by atleast 50%, some even more! When asked why, they say it's London and the Olympics are on. The army/navys in April. Robbing bastards!
  5. What sort of music? Would you be willing to burn me a CD of it?
  6. London 2012 is the ultimate three ring circus. Some hotels have been booked up since 2010. If you want to visit London in July and you haven't yet booked a room, you'll probably end up in a tent..........in Wiltshire.
  7. There was a segment on North West Tonight about how the Olympics is screwing hotel bookings in the Lake District. Apparently, the extortionate rates being charged by the hotels in London village and surrounding parishes is putting off the Jap tourists, who start their UK tours amongst the cockernees, before dispersing around the UK. So much for the village sports day being good for the rest of the UK.

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  8. if your military or ex why dont you use the UJC?

    however if your a gopping never serverd civie wanker.......tough shite.

    worse case senario is use the friend/old boys network to find a mate who lives in the area and ask him nicley if you can doss with them.

    however if your a wanker with no mates........tough shite
  9. Im on a course in London in August, I dont think anyone at work has really thought that one through.
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  10. You are so kind.
  11. For you buddy, anything you like. I'll even print a CD label on it.
  12. I know the preferred hotel where I want to stay which is quite near Slough. I need to be there at the beginning of the week in which the Olympics start on the Friday.
  13. Have you called them to check availability? Or looked on laterooms.co.uk?
  14. I prefer not to ever go on Laterooms ever again.
  15. there's nothing like a nice hot pork pie straight from the butchers.
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