July 10th 1963: Fraternising with the Royal Irish Fusiliers

Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by HarryPalmer, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/opinion/2009/0710/1224250387026.html
  2. 1st Battalion RIF ?

    1st Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers
  3. My dad ended up serving with the 1 st Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers after transferring to them from the RAPC in the late 50's(and he was KSLI before that!) - and I was a young kid playing in Celle at the time of this report - I had 'joined' them in Tripoli!.

    He liked the irish connection and felt at home there as my great granddad had served with the Connaught Rifles from the Boer war thru WW 1 to partition in '22 before being forced out of Ireland because of that.
  4. I met a guy from Dublin recently who served in the Irish Army and was on border duty during the troubles. He told me that there were constant accidental border incursions on both sides at night where British and Irish patrols bumped into each other resulting in a brew up and chat. More recently the RAF have certainly made the Bremen Bar in Casement airfield south west of Dublin a regular watering hole when over the water.

    Despite what was happening up North the Irish and British troops in general have always fraternized. Back in Wellington's day (a man born in Dublin's Merrion Square in what is now the Merrion Hotel) nearly one quarter of British forces were Irish in tribes like the RIF, the Connaught Rangers but also scattered throughout the entire Army
  5. The Irish are very a professional but small Military outfit. Our regular Btn has a great number of top guys from the South. A recent RSM and absolute gentleman from the South was not afraid afraid to have a drink on the Shankhill.

    Irish Defence Forces frequently attend courses on the mainland. The IDF Rangers are tough guys and very focused.
  6. BCP 205 North of Belleek was a regular RV for a smoke and a winge about how much better our pay was/how much better their leave system was etc.

    My former OC has a great photo of him and Irish Army Cpl sitting on a wall smoking during a BCP closure op.