Julie London

If you’ve opened this thread, good news. BBC4 TV are re-showing her ‘Legend’s’ programme on 22:45, Tue 5 May.
Nuff said.

I was going through puberty, when the film 'The Girl Can't Help It' featuring Jane Mansfield, Tom Ewell et al was in the cinemas. Jane and puberty were a bad combination.

That's when I first heard the tune - 'Cry me a River' sung by Julie London and who also features as Ewell's 'dream girl' in the film. Absolutely stunning.
Alec_Lomas - "Jane and puberty were a bad combination."

So what do you say now - "Nurse, the screens, quick." :D

How about the cameo of Phil Silvers as the milkman when Mansfield passes :wink:

Then there's the dinner photo of her with Loren, remember?

"Ha, they not'a real"

"Oh shitta - they are!"

"Mamma, they bigga than'a mine!"


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