Julian Worricker Show - Radio 5 - Sunday 11th


I appreciate that this was mentioned in passing on another thread, but in case you missed it, you might like to know about this Sunday's prog. I suspect it will be a mix of fact and reporter based conjecture but it might trigger a few issues.

Coming up - Sunday 11th December - Trouble in the TA

"The British military is increasingly reliant on the Territorial Army. The TA make up ten per cent of troop strength in Iraq. Jonathan Charles investigates how TA troops are treated in the field and reports on the treatment and care that some have received when the return home. He hears from troops who have returned to find that they have lost their civilian jobs. Fifty per cent of all post traumatic stress cases from Iraq are suffered by TA and reservists even though they make up only ten per cent of troop numbers. In some TA units, 40 per cent of troops have resigned and replacing them is hard. The MoD have launched a national recruitment campaign for new recruits".
I was driving home and listened to the whole thing by Jonathon Charles, who came across as very pro-TA. The Govt. Minister for Veterans seemed in denial, typical New Lab. E minus, minister. E minus.

The stories about people being dumped into the NHS system after Telic 1 with a 24 hour demob were genuinely shocking. This isn't a game, this is people's lives after they've volunteered to serve their country. The story of the TA para who was asked to take his uniform off in A&E to "avoid causing offence" is a depressing sign of the times. As I said in another thread, the millions pumped into recruitment would be better spent on retention and looking after the people you've got.

If any of you get the chance to listen to it then do, it's an unusually fair piece of detailed BBC reporting about the military, although I've long admired Mr. Charles' journalism and steadfast refusal to take off his collar and tie in war zones!


AWOL, it was on Radio Five Live on AM, it might well be archived on their website. I think they might be repeating it tonight at about 1900-ish.




I didn't hear it in the end - what happened? - was it just a repeat of the Sky aryicle about poor medical treatment and after care?.

I suspect that everyone was glued to watching an oil depot on fire - Hey, did 2 Bde get out there and provide MACC(A) (B) (C) or wellies, or NCRS, or hand held radios ??

Where were you 2 Bde? - I might start a new thread on this.


Good programme - and very sympathetic. How can we follow up and not let the buggers off the hook? The treatment of the injured returning TELIC veterans is nothing short of a national scandal. I watched "Not Forgotten" last night - there seems to be no change from the poor bastard who suffered PTSD in 1918 and who's father had to fight the system to get him a war pension,and the guy who was dropped off at Caterrick Tesco's and fucked off at the high port.

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