Julian Assange

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. there are a couple of serious threads about him elsehwere but no-where on Arrse did I feel I could say that, in my humble opinion, he's a smug shit-stirring rapist.

    but i would say that in the Naafi Bar
  2. Depends what the actual truth around him and 2 Swedish ladies. It is alleged that they 'Tweeted' on 'Twitter' about their 'conquest' in getting him into bed. It is correct that having sex in Sweden without wearing a condom is a crime, it isn't in other countries. So if this is all that the Swedish case is based on, then it if Mr Assange ends up in front of a Swedish Court, the case will probably be dismissed due to 'Lack of Credible Evidence'.

    Then Mr Assange could be indicted by the US to be extradited from Sweden because they want to put him in Fort Leavenworth (or somewhere simialar) due to the 'Wikileaks' leaks issue, next door to Private Bradley Manning. Of course I jest about this matter that the Suits in the CIA and Pentagon will 'invite' Mr Assange for a trip to the States via 'Rendition Airlines'.

    Of course, this won't happen, and Mr Assange won't end up in Fort Leavenworth, or Gitmo in Cuba.... because we all know that "Gitmo does not exist...!", and Private Bradley Manning will never be released from prison... ever!!
  3. send the boys from 22 into that tinpot fcuking embassy,stick a cloth sack over assange's head and bang him on the next tri star to fcuking dixie....and in the aftermath of all this waste of money expel the ecuadorian pricks that gave him a asylum and that aussie cnut of a lawyer..........( and breath )
  4. As it's NAAFI Bar. Cunt! (You, not JA).
  5. Let the Ecuadorians have him. They'll get sick of his shit soon enough and he'll be begging the US to come fetch him after a few months among the loons running the place.
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  6. I hope to see him on trial for his life.

    And I hope he fries.
  7. Well at least the albino cunt is exposing Hague for the useless fucking child he is!
  8. mind you ecuador is probably so full of cia/fbi they'll just stroll along and lift him
  9. I firmly believe that whistleblowers should be protected and that the leaking of certain information which has been classified for whatever reason can be in the public interest as long as it's been redacted for both operational and personal security reasons. What makes my fucking piss sizzle is this information being treated as the exclusive property of the organisation it's been released to and being blatantly editorialised to support the political biases of a lank-haired, freaky-looking streak of piss with a God complex and the donations of the well-meaning public being used to support his legal fight against extradition for (alleged) rape and sexual assault despite him having a personal fortune of a good few million. I hope the dirty little albino sex-pest gets raped in jail.
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  10. I found this
    Assange.jpg :biggrin:

    And some good advice
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  11. Well he may be, but Wikileaks helps to keep other smug shit-stirring rapists on their toes.
  12. Australians don't go quietly -- get over it.

  13. Bollox - they left London last week fucking quietly. Probably because of the right royal shafting they had in the medals table.
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  14. Yup, they cry like little girls and hide under the bed until dragged out kicking and screaming.
  15. What I'm loving is the skull fuck this all presents the Guardian readers.

    Assange is leaking Pentagon stuff so he must be a "good thing" to the lefty. The fact he's doing it on the Internet is even better for them; Internet stuff and "new media" are lovely and "zeitgeisty".

    However, for the Assange thing to work for them they have to accept the following:
    - Ecuador does NOT have a terrible human rights record. It is a heroic state, making a stand.
    - Sweden is not the perfect example of a socially responsible state. It is evil, with malleable courts.
    - Obama is evil.
    - Women lie about being raped.

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