Had to leave last year because I had become too old. Everything happened very quickly having found a new job before my "use by" date. Sadly missed out on the Inter Service Championships (which would have been my last Service Competition) as I was driving the Police Helicopter around the skies of Manchester in my new job. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers the old git who never knew when to quit competition judo. I have tried to put my name in but the system keeps placing "thingy" for my name cos it thinks I'm being rude. My name that I was known by is short for Richard. If any of you can get the new Team Manager (Ricky) to get in touch by e-mail I'd be much obliged.
Hey guys I just want you both to know that you have stumbled into ARRSE. If you look at links then you may find the way to Friends Reunited etc.

Only joking before you sue my ass for something!!

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