Judgment Due on Iraq War Inquiry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MOD_Oracle, Dec 20, 2005.

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  1. What's the betting that whatever the Court's finding, Bliar will say that an inquiry 'isn't in the public interest'. It seems to be his current mantra, to be chanted whenever anything is proposed that will embarrass his mendacious and disgraceful government.
  2. I am always disappointed that families are not able to acept the decision of their husbands/wives/siblings/children to join the services and therefore have thiere lives put at risk. It is inevitable that some will die in conflicts, we all know this when we join....I doubt a public enquiry will really bring closure. It is always a tragedy that someone should die in war, but the gov't can not be held responsible for every death in this way.

    The war Prime Minister went to Parliament to get a decision, it is true that some of the basis has proven to be fallacious, but I think it is fair to say that the belief at the time was reasonable.
  3. The word should be mendacious and not fallacious in this case. Phony Tony knew from the get-go that he was telling porkies because he found it "exciting to go to war".
    However, if an inquiry does happen, he'll just pack the bench with his cronies and come up smelling of roses - just as happened at the Hutton circus. Of course, nobody will believe him, as nobody was taken in by the Hutton snow-job. But such small details have never stopped him before.
    What a fücking totally corrupt wänker he is!

  4. Postie- I see where you're coming from. If my sibling, child, spouse or friend made the decision to join, then of course we know that there is a possibility of death and we accept that because it's a decision that they made. However, remember that Tony Blair promised to pay 'the blood price' for this war and it's not HIS blood that he paid but that of our loved ones. When brave men and women pledge their lives to protect their country, their lives must not be put in danger unless it's absolutely necessary. Tony's war is based on non-existant evidence and is becoming more and more like a futile attempt by self-appointed saviours of humanity to turn the world into a rosy and peaceful place. So, if there is any doubt or question about one of the deaths in this conflict and I am related to the dead person in ANYWAY then I would also like an inquiry. As far as I am concerned, Tony Blair's government is to be held responsible for every single death in the Iraq war. The people we are losing there are far more decent than the resident clowns of the Westminster government.
  5. We understand dulce et decorem est as well as shit happens. That is why we are able to go where we go and do what we do even when dumped on. The civilians - even parents and loved ones - cannot understand it at all and our deaths cause great confusion "why cannot I be told why my boy died?" is understandable. The situation could be much improved if MOD were up front much earlier with this information. Most of those who are calling for an inquiry were denied this courtesy and this has caused them to seek better information from some other source.
  6. Well said. One of the recurrent themes of such calls for investigation is the unacceptable way relatives of dead soldiers have been treated by the system. Exceptions do exist, but overall my impresssions have been of normal decent people treated with contempt by arrogant ignorant fools. Sadly some wear uniform, the rest are civil servants. Incidents that come to mind are the Saxon rollovers in the FRY, Deepcut and now Iraq. I'm sure others can think of more.

    These calls for inquiries are in the main proof that the system gets it wrong, not that an enquiry is actually needed. The MoD and senior officers should put as much effort into treating the bereaved with respect as they do into arguing against enquiries.
  7. My thought was that it was 50/50 ignorance as stated by 1 of S and 50/50 MOD worry over possible costs of compensation culture.
  8. This will end up in Strasbourg in a couple of years.