Judges wibble over increase in pension contributions.......

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Seagull, May 16, 2012.

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  1. ......that are going up from 0 to a massive 1.2% and are now looking to take legal action against the government.

    Whilst I have no sympathy for them it's interesting that MP's aren't being forced to contribute.

    Judges ready to sue Government over pensions
  2. Interesting as when I spoke to one of my unions about my pension they said it wasn't possible to take legal action.
  3. If there's one group of people I wouldn't want to **** with it's a boat load of judges all simultaneously threatening to take me to court.

    Unlike politicians they know the law!
  4. Funny how nothing was said when other contracts were altered (are nurses, teachers etc. on contact?). Could be an interesting case to follow.
  5. The poor dears!
    How will they ever manage now?
  6. I'm sure the police federation can bring it up with the Home Secretary she's on at 1100 at conference.
  7. Let's see if Call me Dave has them demonized.

    Four times my wage, less than half my pension contributions.

    You can bet their pensions are "Gold Plated!"
  8. Yus mate, they may know the law but I doubt they know people or understand the world people live in outside the confines of legal chambers, I only heard of one who had it right and he said.. "When you come to Court, you will receive Law and all that pertains to it, but if you want Justice, that is another matter entirely"

    Judges are in my book "Off Worlders"
  9. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Of course it bloody is the NHS Pension is protected and controlled by the 1967 Superannuation Act. And as such can only be amended by an act of law which in turn can only be challenged in a court of law. Unions are just folding probably on the promise of something else!
  10. I do have some (limited) sympathy. Must judges give up much better paid careers at the bar or at partner level of a firm in order to take up a career on the bench and it seems fair that they can expect consistentcy in their remuneration and pensions when they do join the bench.

    I am firmly of the opinion that British High Court (and above) judges are of the highest quality in the world. I personally am happy to pay them generously for this.

    However, below High Court level, they're all pretty shit in my experience. Shaft the lot of them!
  11. I suspect that the Judges scheme may have different wording to protect the judicary from political meddeling
  12. It does. The Judges' Scheme is about the only one in the country that is not capped by the Life Time Allowance. They get the full monty whatever they might have salted away in private pensions as barristers, etc.
  13. My heart weeps purple piss for them.

    A job with excellent - compared to the vast majority - pay and conditions which they can never be sacked from. No matter how badly they **** up. And they're whining because, for the first time in history, they are going to have to pay towards their pension like everyone else?

    **** them.:-x
  14. I am firmly of the opinion that most British judges, including those in the High Court, are so far out of touch with reality they could not make contact even by shouting loudly while hitting it with a ten foot pole. It is telling, IMHO, that with all the shit that government after government has pulled, only the prospect of having to pay towards their own(very generous)pensions has provoked these senile old ***** enough to threaten action.

    If there ever is a revolution in this country, the judges can go in the mass graves. With the untermenschen who's "rights" they seem so eager to protect dumped on top of them.:threaten: