Judges free child images man over fears of abuse in jail

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JoeCivvie, Jul 27, 2011.

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  1. FFS, are all judges now recruited from the Planet Cretin?

  2. Community order so that all those outside can have a pop instead
  3. and that is a problem how?
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  4. He should be released only to run the gauntlet, Scarborough promenade, well advertised for those wishing to take part. I have just the thing!

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  5. Indeed - isn't that the whole point of imprisoning nonces?
  6. Unbelievable.

    At least the world now knows Dean Aaron Gee's name and address. Let's just hope that good burghers of Scarborough give him what he deserves now that the limp wristed ******* Judge hasn't.
  7. .................................. "didn't pose a risk to real children in the future".
    This sort of statement really grips my s**t. Was there no risk to the children featured in the downloaded images? Maybe they weren't "real" children.
    This thing, along with any other child molester, should be locked in a room with the mothers of child victims.
  8. All depends on what you think prison if for, purely for punishment or to keep them away from the rest of us and to facilitate re-integration into society?

    If it is for punishment then why do we leave it to other criminals to do our punishing for us?

    If you really think that a bit of male rape along with a good beating is the correct sentence then why not vote for politicians that will impose that?
  9. Another way of saying, "As the prison authorities have abandoned any attempt to maintain proper order in the institutions they supposedly control, it is necessary to release any prisoner incapable of defending himself from sexual assault."

    No doubt many prisoners will seek to take advantage of this new convention.
  10. I would but sadly none of the parasites are man enough to agree to implement punishments according to the will of those who elected them.
  11. Yes there are. Most of them go by the name of Mohammed or the like but they are well keen on a bit of hand chopping off and beating with canes and hanging in football stadiums and so forth, so vote for one of them.

    Civilisation is over rated any way. :evil:
  12. I assume they still have wings for 'vulnerable prisoners' or healthcare wings? Judges and magistrates know very little about prisons, they used to come and visit on a bus trip.
  13. Fixed that for you. No need to thank me.

    Most judges are so far out of touch with Reality they could'nt make contact by shouting loudly and hitting it with a big stick. There are some exceptions, but the majority are part of the problem, not the solution. In fairness to the Jurassic Transvestites(thank you, Drop the Dead Donkey)the entire UK criminal "justice" system is not fit for purpose and needs root and branch reforms.

    And that will happen on the day after Never.
  14. Whilst you are quite correct, I was thinking more along the lines of ones who are not hypocritical. The ones you mention tend to be doing lots of the very things they like to punish other for.
  15. I really do not understand the title of this thread, read it three times, still no. On the subject, there you go, job jobbed and he can stay in prison, where he belongs.

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