Judge with head screwed on right.

We occasionally have fun interactions in American courtrooms. Often, they result in strange penalties, like the two people convicted last month (separately) of shoplifting, and sentenced to standing outside the shop wearing signs saying "I'm a thief, and I stole from WalMart" for a day.


The announcement of the 100-year sentence capped an emotional hearing that included an apology from another defendant, Kion Jerran Coulter, who helped plan the robbery, and a plea from Sowers' grandmother to show mercy on a young man who she said had never been in any trouble growing up.

When the grandmother mentioned to the judge that people who make mistakes are often granted second chances, Cavanaugh cut her off.

"With all due respect, ma'am, a mistake is when you miscount your change, not when you murder two people," the judge said.
Just thought you might be amused.

Sadly if it had been over here he would be looking at a 2 year jail sentance minus time spent on remand. Then would be granted legal aid to sue as he slipped on the soap and got bummed :evil:

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