Judge tells paedo to buy bike for victim

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Feb 3, 2007.

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  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    That's pathetic and dangerous. The child might wind up feeling empathy or gratitude towards the perv. He might has well ordered te bloke to buy the child a bag of sweets!

  3. This is absolutely disgusting the judge is making it sound as if he is dismissing what happened to this innocent little girl .
    And buying her a bike to cheer her up is even more sick it makes my skin crawl

    I know it is traumatic enough for a adult to be be S.a. by another adult but doing this to a child will give her nightmares for life
  4. When I was a kid I would have let someone fangle me for a new Diamond back or Amaco GT.
  5. "Tough on Crime and Tough on the Causes of Crime". Remember who said that ? I can't remember his name but he was 'a straight sort of guy'.
    Perhaps fiddlng with little girls is no longer a crime ? It possibly contravenes some European Soviet Union Diktat on the Rights of the Perverted Individual.
    Give us all strength !
  6. Sick, Just F-ing Sick!

    You can not cheer up a sex attack victim, especially by letting her attacker buy her presents! And only a nine month sentence! B'lair has to go.
  7. I'd have been chuffed to get a bike! All I got was a bag of sweeties and a dose. Kids these days they dunno how good they get it.
  8. I reckon the police should be having a close look at this Judges computer hard drive . Sounds like he may well be a paedo himself giving out a sentence like that
  9. Cow

    Cow LE

    Nah, the judge is well out of touch, everyone knows kids want a playstation
  10. A bike with a spaedo. It tells you how paedophilic the local area is as you ride through.

    Really, though, that judge is a bit of an arrse. Poor girl suffered enough without having something material that she can forever associate with that sick mofo. Cut his nadgers off, I say.
  11. Well even the police are getting onto the "Paedo special"
    A police inspector wants adults to be legally allowed to have sex with children !
    Don't believe me ?
    Read about it:


    What's the betting this evil b***ard will be first in line to shag little girls ?

    It really makes you want to vomit !!

    All over them !
  12. Do you have a source other than your own website?
  13. If I join your org and become a cyber warrior do I get a "paedo slayer badge" and can I wear my pants over the top of my trousers ?
  14. Maybe the judge is a closet kiddie fondler? This is akin to telling the shooter in a school yard massacre to buy the families of the victims toy guns so they can soothe their pain by thinking of the generosity of the shooter.

    No worse than this .

  15. How can people think like that? This is what happens when education is ingrain as a priority instead of life experience. Too many of them types around.