Judge smoking crack?


Twin brothers who killed their step-grandmother while they robbed her of her life savings, have each been given nine year sentences.


Passing sentence, Judge Gerald Gordon said: "It is difficult to imagine a more despicable crime."

"For reasons of pure greed and regardless of the effect on her, you set out to rob her.

"You could so easily have arranged to steal while she was out and safe."

What the f**k?

So robbing people is fine as long as theyre 'out and safe'?? I can't get my breath over the judges remark, its tantamount to saying that its quite alright to rob and steal from people just as long as they're not in the vicinity!
He is as sick as the two scum who took a defenceless elderly lady's money as well as her life. He should be strung up with the defendants!
Well, what can you do? Judges are appointed for life, can't be sacked or removed from their post and continue till they become incontinent or die or both.

All that can be done is have their decisions reviewed and if necessary, over-ruled.

That's why they are out of touch with much of our reality.

Alternative? US Style elections for judges? Sounds like that's worth a go.
Not to defend his comments,but the senile, confused, gin soaked upholder of justice was probably trying to highlight the needlessness of killing the lady and how sick the crime was. After all if they just wanted the money they could have done as he said, but instead they chose to kill her in a premeditated act. He wasn'tsaying it's ok to rob but in a cackhanded way was pointing out how evil they are.

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