Judge rules Human Rights apply to Soldiers in theatre

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Daede, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. I was just about to post this

  2. Brilliant and also the judge closed down the waste of sperm's attempt to gag the coroners.

    This is a good day
  3. Good to see the HRA finally being put to some decent use rather than protecting terrorists / criminals / chavs.

    Get in that dock Mr Browne 8)
  4. Aged 32, Jason Smith had served with the Territorial Army since 1992 and came from Hawick. A soldier in the 52nd Lowland Regiment, he was serving in Iraq attached to the 1st Battalion, The King's Own Scottish Borderers. He was unmarried but had a long-term partner.
  5. You, Mr Des Browne, are a serious failure.
    God save The Queen!
  6. Very good news indeed, common sense now with judicial backing.

    Though when i read the topic heading one thing worried me, bloody liberals or biffs using it as an excuse to kick poop into the fan as per previous examples of the rights act being taken too literally. Good to see the common sense has extended to war is tough, but dont kick the guys when they are already down.

    Though that "some" may be an excuse for whitehall to still do bugger all.
  7. This is why lawyers should not be allowed to run anything big or serious.

    Many see everything in Legal terms and try to produce "solutions" on paper and in the courts, not real life.

    Oh, hang on...........
  8. This has backfired tremendously! :twisted:

    And Swiss Des is supposed to be a lawyer? He obviously has as much grasp of the law as he does of military matters and Scottish affairs....and second hand cars!

    Families will get legal aid and access to documents as well.

    To cap it all:


    What message does that send to the public and to the Armed Forces? Personnel will risk their lives in battle but have the right to expect to be equipped properly.
  9. The government is trying to appeal against us having human rights. o_O
  10. You really have to wonder what kind of folk sit in those fancy offices in whitehall who appeal against human rights for troops. I can understand them fighting the case, but that just shows major lack of attention to reality.
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    About time too!
    Pity it's came too late for some of our Fallen Comrades.
  12. I would appreciate some of the posters here addressing the central points of the 'Soldiers DO have Human Rights' thread - either on here or on that thread.
  13. just saw that mong Browne on the news defending his actions ... he was conveniently standing in front of a wall ... that could have been very handy under other circumstances!