Judge praises constable who gave tearaways a clip

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, May 13, 2006.

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  1. Judge praises constable who gave tearaways a clip round the ear
    By Nigel Bunyan
    (Filed: 13/05/2006)

    A policeman who gave two teenage tearaways a clip round the ear has had his convictions overturned after a judge decided he had acted "in the best traditions of the police".

    Mucking Hooray, just like when I wuz but a lad.
    As a boy we had a Bobby live on our estate, when ever we had to pass his house we always crossed to oposite side of road. No one ever came it with Black Bart.
  2. Good. What happened to defending yourself and your property? Well done to that judge who realises that it does not go the window depending what job you have. For the time the copper had on suspension, its a pity that he did not indeed wack the louts in question.

    With this story and a couple of others I've heard over the last few days, I am beginning to see the rare pearls of wisdom and commonsense in the judiciary, lets hope it outpours over the crackpot case verdicts we read about on an everyday basis.
  3. Should get the kiddies in and break the fingers they were sticking up at him.

    Harsh? Yes.

    Fair? Probably

    Gets the message across to other urchins? De-fin-fcuking-itly.
  4. Common sense finally prevails.

    Never did me amy harm though he did have to catch me first.

    Point one, police noddy bikes do not negotiate stiles very well.

    Point two, don't be too smug as the sod was waiting for me at the other end.
  5. Its wonderful to see some common sense being applied in Law. (now there is a phrase I didn't expect to use) I'm remided of the case where the copper dumped the anoying kid in the bin. thats proper community policing!
  6. About bloody time too. Common sense for once. The general public should respect the Police and the scroats should fear them.
  7. Could not agree more :D
  8. Sadly, decisions like this made my Judges are the exception rather than the rule. Ask the Bobby if he'd do it again under the same circumstances and I'll bet he'd say no. He and his family have probably been through the mill following his suspension and convictions. I note from the article that his Force professional standards department are reviewing the case. So much for feeling supported by his own organisation!

    The reality of cases like these are that it is simply more than your job is worth to slap cheeky young thugs. Unfortunately, the alternatives such as ASBOs, harrassment warnings and trying to get a conviction for causing damage are usually very long drawn out affairs involving masses of paperwork and large amounts of time and effort expended; not always achieving the right result.

    My own view of the Judiciary (and one shared by the majority of my colleagues) is the it is the courts who are the weakest link in the Criminal Justice system. However, it is encouraging to see that rare glint of common sense shine through occasionally.
  9. I'm happy with what he did!
  10. FFS! crime and punishment! and about time for some common sence!

    pity he wasnt armed and he couldnt kneecap the little scrotes.

    this is the estate i grew up on as a kid, its a fu*ked up shit hole, and allways has been, both these two little cnuts have records as long as your arms, theft, assault, vandalism ect ect, they should have been locked up years ago,
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    When I was a lad back in the mid 70's, I was collered by the local bobby for something,cant remember what & he said something like "I'll be round to see your Dad later" after giving me the clip around the 'ol ear.
    Jazus,did'nt I not want to go home that night! Sure enough,he came around & had a chat with Dad who later gave me a hiding.
    What did it teach me?
    To respect your elders.
    To respect the law.
    AND not to get caught!
    Good to see some sence in today's land.Not much,but it's a start!
  12. Now let see T Bliar hold a referendum on this issue and agree to make the outcome into law , this would have the little shits shaking in their boots as the result would be over 90% in favour I reckon