Judge orders white teenage girl must be tried as black man

Discussion in 'US' started by jimmys_best_mate, Aug 12, 2013.

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  1. Surprising news from the States today. A 16 year old white girl has been told she's to be tried as a black man because of the seriousness of her crime

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  2. Must be the most shit windup ever posted on ARRSE.
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  3. And yet you couldn't stop yourself from replying to make sure everyone knew it was a joke within two minutes of the video being posted.

    You massive cloud of cock
  4. MM-Hmm.
  5. Insulting everyone isn't going to endear you to the group.
  6. Seems to be his preferred conversational default setting.
  7. You and I both know that's not actually true
  8. Tried? The Onion writers should know the Gibsonic tendency normally cops a plea to avoid a mandatory life sentence.
  9. Should then everyone pretend that your drivel is massive wit, so that every broken-brained idiot who sees it might be entertained by your tuppeny-halfpenny excuse for humour?

    Pathetic mist of diarrhoea that you are.
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  10. Mummy they're all fighting again. Please make them stop, it's very, upsetting.
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  11. As windups go, this one doesn't, but the idea is 100% valid