Judge not Tony Blair, for he is like St Paul’

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dui-lai, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. Your having a laugh........ain't ya??????

    Please, he has to be kidding.....surely?????? :?
  2. Never mind, when he has himself appointed as EU Presiden he can turn us into a socialist catholic continent.
    I had thought he would be content when he was EU President but I coinfess I never thought he was going to aim for Sainthood (or even Pope)
  3. Can we burn him as a heretic?

    Pretty please. :D
  4. St Paul wasn't a tw@t aswell was he?
  5. Surely, two of the ten commandments that are fundamental to the Christian faith are, you shall not lie and you shall not kill.
    So, with his disgusting track record, how can any branch of Christianity accept Bliar into its ranks
  6. Ok hang the bastid upside down on a cross!
  7. I DO so hope TCB is the next St Paul.

    A couple of years in prison, a bit of light stoning and then beheaded.

    Sounds like a plan to me.

    And now he's no longer a Minister of the Crown, bumping him off would only be murder, not treason.
  8. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    The cynicism of delaying this until Blair was out of office rather than truly following his conscience should not be ignored.

    Years ago I figured he wanted to be President of Europe. He is the first PM ever to have a future political career path. However in order to be President you have to have a country to be President of. The criteria for a Country include a single currency and central bank, a single set of laws or some sort of harmonisation at the top, and a single foreign policy and armed forces to effect that policy should need arise - which must all be totally controlled from the centre with no private armies or navies on the periphery. In the case of Europe there also has to be a breakdown of individual national identities which is achieved by cutting up recalcitrant countries like England into meaningless 'Regions'. We can now observe how sedulously Blair has worked towards all these goals in order to make the bed he plans to sleep in. In defence he has planned for us to pay for the deterrent and the aircraft carriers which will be part of his dowry, along with one of the few armed forces in Europe which is actually willing to fight. He is also able to point out how skilfully he has neutralised the bolshie English into sleepwalking into the European dream, and how his 'reforms' have chipped away at such English fancy ideas such as trial by jury, and unpaid Justices of the Peace. He has also deliberately subverted our sense of national identity by sitting back and allowing our culture to be undermined by all varieties of immigrants who have no background in the English culture of fair play.

    Now - Shazam! he opens his cloak as the superman who has brought England to heel, and is ready to rule Europe under the terms he so carefully negotiated and which Brown has signed off so sneakily.

    You will no longer be sent into action for Queen and Country - just meat in the European mincer should need arise, doing the job that the French, Spanish, Italians etc are too cowardly to undertake - and observing that the Germans who fought so willingly to plunge the entire world into a thousand-year Nazi night have no stomach for fighting for democracy after 1600 hours..

    I could go on and on ..
  9. Lets not forget that Paul was a Tax Collector before he saw the LIGHT!!
  10. Well, it is the same "branch" of Christianity that protects peadophiles among it's members... :roll:
  11. This all presupposses that Bliar had all of this worked out in advance? I don't buy it. He's not that intelligent. He's just a pawn in the machinations of "The People's Front for Judea." Splitters!!
  12. I trust an enterprising hack will bug the confessional?
  13. So, according to the RC church, St. Paul was a lying cnut?
  14. C*cksucker Blair now that he's a Catholic can also become president of Sinn Fein, after all he's done for them...w*nker