Judge lifts ban on identification of Baby Ps mother

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The13thDukeOfWybourne, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. The Judge is a bit late off the mark, the murdering scums names and photos were being circulated within 24hrs
  2. I think it might have been the case for the mother but one of the other freaks was facing trial for more kidfiddling charges so there was a court order banning his identification . Mind you I bet they were all dreading being identified whilst they're in jail

    It's times like this I sincerely believe the state should decide who is and isn't allowed to breed
  3. Regardless of how the names and photos were leaked, the authenticity of the leak was always doubtful until official confirmation such as this was given.

  4. I would suggest that criticsm is the least of her worries.

  5. It's a fair certainty she and possibly the boyfriend will get new identities and protection when they are released, maybe even a nice new life in somewhere like New Zealand or Oz. :x
  6. The scum will now be on numbers in prison, therefore pretty much protected from attack and as Oil Slick says, before release (which unbelievably is anything around half or their 3-12 year sentances) they will be given a fresh new identity, life set up at the tax payers expense and more than likely become beyond recognition.
    All of this for what they did, *blood is boiling.

    How these people get this protection and aren't hung drawn and quartered is beyond me.
  7. Considering that the social workers who let the poor little kid die were probably all recruited through the Guardian in the first place, it's not surprising its a rather weak-kneed report. Yes, they were all clearly chavs and psychos, but the question remains-
    Why were creatures like this allowed to be near children?

    'Poor parenting skills' my arrse. The duty of the social worker is to the kid, not the 'rights' of the chavscum breeder who might have popped it out between the dole office and the bookies.
  8. I think the real question is:


    How the feck did she even get pregnant?
  9. Scope for a populist Tory government to "review" the sentences and not let these individuals see the outside of a prison while drawing breath.....we can but hope!
  10. Why should they be released?
  11. The only thing that printing the photos serves is to fuel the media outrage and sell newspapers.

    The Chavs will be all overcome with righteous indignation when, ironically, they're not too far removed from this pair of O2 thieves as they let their kids roam around in nappies, eat nothing but turkey twizzlers and let their 52" TV educate them .

    No decent person will bother themselves to hunt these pair down once they are released from their pitiful sentences. Though chavs throughout the land will be sharpening pitchforks and lighting torches in readiness. Who can forget the Pediatrician who's house they attacked in South Wales for no other reason than their own stupidity? Or the bloke on Karen Matthews estate who got duffed up during the hunt for shannon, probably because he lived alone and wore glasses? Or the anti peado marches of a few years ago? I didn't see or hear of any normal working, middle, upper, or professional class people taking part.

    As far as I'm concerned the pair of them shouldn't see the outside of a prison ever, but they wont and that's the real story about these two now.
  12. Execution, simple as.
  13. I have to disagree - as I keep saying to my friends, I should get to decide. I swear, give me a couple of months and I can have this place tip top.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    It's the Jamie Bulger case all over again,the two scum that killed that wee lad are now living away somewhere at our expense under new names.