Judge John Deed - Fact or Fiction?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by itsascorpion, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. Anyone see the recent 2 part Judge John Deed programme, which had a British soldier up for War Crimes in Basra (shooting "innocent civilains") and a huge conspiracy theory as to why he was put on trial and the role of the government/senior military in the whole judicial process.

    Ring any bells with any one?
  2. Watch it not for the factual accuracy, but his ability to bed any woman he wants.

    Was it just me, or did any one else work out that if the Major General had been an 18 yr old squaddie in the Falklands, that would put him in his early/mid forties today, not a bad promotion then from the ranks to MG in 25 years, also where was his South Atlantic Medal.

    Just remember, just because it is in colour does not mean it is real.
  3. I have watched JJD since the first days of its broadcast, I just love the conspiracy theory contained within it.

    However, last series was utter garbage and it looks as if this series is going to be as bad. Sahllow, ill conceived and badly researched
  4. :twisted: Steaming pile of cr*p! Inaccuracies aside, although I did not see pt 1, it is unlikely UK would consent to jurisdiction being handed over or UN would refer.

    Hats of to his beddng skills though and at least she had the decency to blow heself up and avoid embarassing morning after questions!
  5. Fact or fiction? It's worse than that, it's complete and utter bo11ox.
  6. In portraying the SofS for Defence as a useless scruffy pleb with no interest in Defence and some really slopy shoulders - got the last three spot on.
  7. Complete and utter tosh (as per the whole series - you can imagine Martin Shaw saying when offered the part " A Judge? Me? But I was in the Professionals. I'll only take it if I get to bed lots of totty.")

    That said, it was refreshing for any TV producer to actually portray soldiers in any sort of sympathetic light, rather than the cliched broken nosed ignorant pyschos from central casting. And I thought the insinuation of government mendacity would cheer Sven up!
  8. Yeah that was annoying - the first thing I spotted. I thought 'eh what the hell are they doing with a Major General who looks about 40? They've been watching too many US films, where Special Forces Colonel Johnny Biceps is played by Matt Damon or some other youngster.

    It is also frustrating when the guys they portray sound like bloody automatons without any personality whatsoever (e.g. the Sgt talking like a 8 yr old doing the school play). They seem to take this attitude that we are all conditioned to act like robots, albeit unintelligent robots, either numb through battle (seeing best mate blown up in NI is always a popular theme) or standing at Buckingham Palace not moving a muscle.

    "Sir yes sir"
    "Bullshit, I didn't hear you"

    F$%^&* Pish! I had to switch it straight off in a fit of "that would never happen"ism.
  9. Why did Blair pass British soldiers over to the ICC - at least Chirac and Bush protected their troops from this rubbish.
  10. I actually quite liked the play on governmental/masonic/fellow judges attempts to influence Deeds court cases or their plots to bring him down.
  11. Only caught a few minutes, but the part I saw was when he turns to the other two judges and says something along the lines of "Why should we punish this man in the place of others that we'd really like to see on trial but can't"

    Gave an authentic ring to the way politicians who make the decisions, take none of the responsibilities for those decisions.
  12. I thought it was quite accurate in the way the government would abandon a soldier for the sake of policy and expedience, a government minister/general/civil servant backing up a soldier if it meant their jobs would be on the line? no fecking way!!

    No one seemed to notice that the young soldier wasnt even in the same room as the civvies!! he shot em through the wall when the 'terrorist' ran across the doorway!! hence all the little pinpricks of sunlight coming through the wall!!

    and besides that redheaded prosecutor would have gotten it big style up her marmite motorway!!
  13. So do You honestly think that a Sgt and a tom could be manipulated into stating an untruth, with the connivence of his CO (and therefore, presumably, the chain of command below the rank of Colonel), do You believe that a blokes muckers would stay quiet if the lad was going to be stitched up. Would You act in the way the lads battalion supposedly acted, would Your unit have done so.

    This plot was badly researched, badly written and to be frank, as far as the assisting actors are concerned, badly acted

  14. Enjoyed still more the assertion made by the "General" to SofS that 3000 soldiers have deserted since the war started...........eh ? WTF ! What really worries is how many people in the country will draw conclusions on what the reality is.
  15. It makes Judges look far less biassed and bigoted than they are