Judge John Deed & Brit soldier on trial.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by datumhead, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. Now on BBC 8O

    Brit squaddie accidently kills kids in iraq.......and Govt wants him to "go daaaaaaaaahn"

    Too close to the truth?

    Your thoughts gentlemen.........and ladies :wink:
  2. Sorry I am too busy drooling over the gorgeous Cloggie gwar brief. :oops:
  3. Evil..psycho...Horny!

    The 3 most atractive qualities :wink:
  4. Damn! Just missed it..what happened ?
  5. gggrrr can't believe we have to wait until Thursday to find out. Good ol' Judge John will save the day no worries.
  6. Soldier ...bad, judge...good, Govt ....corrupt, Women....OMFG horny!

    Story is soldier empties mag into building with insurgents and it's full of kids. squadie has history of pdsd and is being hung out to dry by govt who dont want to be droppred in siht!

    not realy listening..got too angry and went for an arrse moment
  7. I wouldn't take any of it seriously at all.

    This was a poorly written episode of a popular drama that ignores reality while seeking to be contemporary and slightly political. A judge and counsel taking about the case outside the court would invalidate the trial. Read nothing into this 'entertainment'. Hardly 'A Few Good Men' was it?
  8. No but the great unwashed think this is how it is.

    Drip feed the propaganda and stand back!
  9. Mr Creosote have a word with yourself :D .Well you probably would do her
    and then feel a bit sordid afterwards .
    Bit unrealistic 11 dead chogis from 3 bursts with a lsw .Great bit of shouting at the tv, tv.Think it makes jag look realistic.I was half expecting the fat bloke playing the defence sec to unzip his head and turn into an alien like he did in dr who :D .Bet the trial of tony will be funnier .
  10. Sadly my enjoyment was clouded by silly things like the bloke playing ACGS (I'm assuming, as a Maj-Gen in Whitehall) being barely old enough to be a major and wondering if the Def Sec was meant to be Nicholas Soames after a Tory election victory.

    The bit that really put me off, apart from the actress coming a close second to the prosecution lawyer, was that if you're trying to do away with a judge using a chocolate-box-borne IED, why raise his security levels by the delivery of suicide bomb-style warning letters and cavorting with him in public infront of his close protection officer?
  11. Completely unrealistic, spoiling what could have been a good episode. No Govt, not even chav Liarbour, would agree to a trial in a host country. And what about a Maj Gen still in his 30s?

    That said, it was lovely to spend an hour thinking about sharing a bed with the Prosectution and Defence briefs (concurrently of course)!
  12. But if you had to choose: Kim Thomson (looking very good for 46) or Jenny Seagrove (fantastic legs and 50 this year)? I don't envy Martin Shaw much (!), although having to deal with a grenade in Pamela Stephenson's cleavage when he was a "Professional" has probably left him inured to the charms of other women.
  13. <Spotter mode>
    Having rewatched that particular episode a couple of months ago, courtesy of "Men & Motors" on Freeview (hold on, I thought, that's Pamela Stephenson...) I suspect you'll find it was Lewis Collins who took a flickknife to the front of her blouse to get the grenade out...
  14. Did you notice that the prat playing the Maj-Gen was wearing what looked like the LS&GC as his first medal :roll:
  15. Pray to god i hope our government never ever agree to trial any of our troops in a host country . It makes your skin crawl just thinking about it