Judge John Deed and depleted uranium

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. This could belong elsewhere but with the language I'm about to use the NAAFI is best.

    Not only is this program a fcuking disgrace but now they're bashing the british army. They're basing it on ignorance with regards to depleted uranium.

    Depleted uranium is not fcuking radioactive (beyond background levels) as people would have you believe. It's "DEPLETED". Even standard uranium emits so little natural radiation that it poses little danger to anyone who happens to be just "hanging around". 0.7% of uranium is the radioactive U235, the remainder mainly u238. Depleted uranium is an even greater percentage of U238.
    The ONLY way that depleted uranium is dangerous is when vapourised, when a shell strikes a target. Here it acts like any other heavy metal, including tungsten which they were trying to force the forces to use (less effective than DU).
    However on this fcuking disgusting program only one side of the argument is portrayed, with government/etc being seen as nasty, manipulative, covering everything up and going out of it's way to screw joe public and the wonderful free world at every opportunity. DU was described as a "weapon of mass destruction". This is all bollox of the highest order. DU increases fighting effectiveness and anyone adversely affected otherwise would have to have been very close to an exploding tank shell.
    Remember that any soldier as part of their job that they have put themselves in harm's way. They got shot at, and if this involves someone using DU against them then to be honest they're lucky to have got away to die another day (several years later).

    I'm not inciting riot, but I think anyone else watching this should make repeated and vocal protest to the BBC for airing a program that has steadily degraded into a joke, although unfortunately the betting is that an ignorant public would take the issues raised and arguments given as they are presented, which is unbelievably biased

    *rant over* (for now...)
  2. Breath 2 , 3 , 4......
    and relax.................................. 8) :wink:
  3. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I agree. I just saw it and thought whether or not Mrs. Hussain's (?) facts were correct? Have so many Iraqi's died because of DU? Are 25% of British Soldiers from GW1 sick and dying?

    I'd like to imagine that most members of that programs audience would take that with a pinch of salt, but I doubt it.

    I dont like the idea that you may use a material that would put soldiers lifes at risk in a long term sense. Being shot at? Well, thats part of the job...
    Being slowly poisoned by your own side? No thanks.

    Guess im fortunate that doesn't really happen then...not officially anyways...

    ANYWAYS... CNUTS!!!!!:twisted:
  4. Thanks for that Crabby. I had not actually watched said program as I was waiting to do so on telewests fantastic new invention called "teleport". But you have just blown the whole fcukin' game but hey! who gives a sh!t, you enjoyed it....obviously...

    *note to self* Don't antagonize people when p!ssed.

    Guilty your honour....
  5. Write a letter to the Beeb, and demand a reply. Write to your MP, provided he's likely to be onside. Anyway I thought U571 was a yank sub?
  6. I've written to the BBC about the last 3 episodes actually, although this was the worst by far. Each time the reply is one of valuing my view etc but telling me they can put whatever they like because it stimulates debate (my understanding of it)

    I'm 20 and I don't want to turn into that miserable old man who sits around and complains all day cos he's not got anything better to do (complaining better than losing bladder control, just)

    It makes me angry, I'm actually reasonably knowledgeable on most of the issues they've raised (I've studied environmental epidemiology, politics and management, economics, nuclear and particle physics, ethics with particular reference to animal rights, health issues associated with incinerators (currents ones, about NONE) and various other things that I feel put me in a much more enlightened position than the lefty, hippy, anti-globalisation, anti-business, anti-government and VERY anti-police writer/writers. (in one episode it was not too subtely implied that EVERY plod was corrupt)

    If I take any more deep breaths I'll be whisked off to hospital to give birth!!!
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  10. Fair point :lol:
  11. If you must know I'm sat at home reading James Lovelock; Gaia, medicine for an ailing planet and after I've finished that:
    James Lovelock, Gaia, revenge of the planet
    Jared Diamond, Collapse
    Jared Diamond, Guns germs and steel
    Myers et al., The New Gaia Atlas of Planet Management: People as Planet Managers
    James Lovelock, The Ages of Gaia: A Biography of Our Living Earth
    Mary Midgley, Gaia: The Next Big Idea
    and if my brain hasn't disintegrated I should reread part of turner et al., an elementary introduction to environmental economics

    Therefore if I wasn't making my life miserable reading stuff I've got to read then I'd be out and about failing to get a sh@g cos I'm too tired and currently too obsesed with the fecking Gaia hypothesis to realise which ones would be worth sh@gging, open to sh@gging and I wouldn't get any anyway cos on the way back to her place she'd pass out from my musings on anthropocentric intrinsic value, instrumental values and the dependancy of our civilisation on the system of gaia which we are killing... ugh

    Therefore anything that gets my pulse racing (generally anger directed at bbc for crap programming) is my current antidote to no sex
  12. For fuck sakes... like Judge John Deed is real? Christ ,you will wants us to believe that the ferkin X factor produces musicians next!
  14. ooooops sorry but I fell asleep reading this heavy post!
  15. oops. hear they're looking for a new victor meldrew. :lol:

    BBC are cnuts, drama is drama and sadly we have a society thick enough and sad enough to believe everything on the screen. George Orwell and thought speak, pussy. Huxley and brave new world spot on. so crabby get on the town, get some soma and start doing your own "feelies". If you're worrying about quality of young ladies, you're wound too tight for life let alone forces. any hole's a goal!

    One thing bbc did today was play national anthem when R4 closed. that was nice. :oops: