Judge jailed entire court...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by frog_face, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. A judge in US for jailing an entire courtroom because a mobile phone went off and no one admitted it.


    Are all judges bonkers, or was this a good thing to do? I guess they should have been lucky that they they weren't in Texas...
  2. Sounds like he needs to come over to this country and preside over some cases, the rest would do him good.
  3. Good to see that innocent before being proven guilty is alive and well inthe land of the free!

    Not that our upto date, in touch with reality, judiciary is any better!!
  4. Only in America......
  5. Good luck to the bloke, should have given them all 40 lashes as well.
  6. Was he called Mohammed?
  7. Assuming over there will be the same as the UK where phones should be turned off, then it sounds a reasonable thing to do. Although the bail seems a little unfair on the 14 who couldnt pay it.

  8. I'm sure are judges ain't that stupid. Though I'm sure you have to turn you're phone of before you enter a court room.
  9. Roadster couldn't agree more. Now was it really such a bad thing and could society learn something?

  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Judge John Deed did that the other day!
  11. Cases in Blackpool

    There have been a couple of occasions where this has occurred in Blackpool in the last fortnight before a District Judge.
    The scrotes in question dared answer their own mobiles whilst stood in the dock.

    One hung up immediately whilst the other decided to have a conversation with his mate keeping the court waiting.

    Needless to say he was 'escorted' downstairs for a few hours to cool off, whilst he thought over his apology..

    How can people be so stupid as not to realize?
  12. Well, he's finally released them, and got sacked in the process.

  13. Even allowing for your Mong spelling - do you really believe the senile, bleeding-heart old farts we've got are any better?! 8O

    At least the Septics can vote for their judges, and kick them out when they fcuk up. We are stuck with the useless cnuts until they do the decent thing and die. :x

    The only Judge I respect is Judge Dredd! 8)
  14. People have all kinds of ideas about the judiciary when they have rarely, if ever, seen them in operation. When you've seen a few civil trials, where they aren't being taped and think they can do what they like, you realise what a lot of them are actually like.

    My cop pal got it about right - "They sit there all day going, "You get to buggery, you go to jail, you ......"

    Remember the old saying, "Almost any man can stand adversity. if you want to test a man's character give him power".

    think that's true, and you see the truth of it every day in the forces.
  15. I have seen them "in action". I worked security at a High Court. I remember one case where a trial had to scrapped and a retrial ordered, at the cost of at least £100,000....because a judge fell asleep during the trial!