Judge: "He deserved a good kicking"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Technocratic_Turbine, Oct 16, 2009.

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  1. The following article is from the Daily Mailaise [sic] :-


    Finally, a judge who acknowledges scum such as this Vidal deserve a good pasting. Are there any other stories where the judge sides more with the victim, in terms of metting out some good-old self-defence? I think it's about time that authority figures or those with authority, are finally speaking up about the sort of justice criminals and yobs deserve. Rather than simply allowing the judicial system to administer a laissez-faire approach to justice. Where an inglorious oaf will be given a full sentence, only for it to be halved and the aforementioned twit released on 'good behaviour' (after a comfortable diet of PS3 and hot meals).
  2. Possible urban legand: back in the days when HMP Saughton had a fearsome reputation, and there was no time off for good behaviour, a member of one of the Glaswgow Razor Gangs was being sentenced in the High Court. Trying to act the hard man, when sentenced to five years he sneered:

    "Ah can dae that standin' on ma heed!"

    "Really?", the Judge replied. "I'd better make it ten years then." And doubled the sentence. :twisted:
  3. Haha thank you werewolf :D

    Perhaps he needed another five years to sort out his elocution.

    Has any one here ever had to defend their home or themselves from would-be thugs/muggers/robbers and if so, have been charged?
  4. Yeah, right... and it's mere coincidence he knew where to find her car...

    Her sons were lucky they had Plod for a mommy or doubtless they'd have been the ones charged.

    I had a nice kind gent busy vandalizing my motor for a spot of his evening fun and managed to slop a bucket of suds over his head, which wiped the grin off his mug.

    Guess who spent seven hours talking to feckwit plod about 'assault' and all the other spurious lies he told? On the positive side, it taught me a very essential lesson. Never tell the truth to the Plod.
  5. Pardon my ignorance, what is "suds"? Perhaps harsh to call a policeman a "feckwit" given they only enforce the law passed by parliament and in a sense "follow orders". Even if they're a load of tripe. Did the copper believe you that the penile-challenged thing vandalised your vehicle?
  6. I asked some clown who parked on my property to shift - which lead to an invitation to fisticuffs. No actual violence ensued, his wife got him to move the car. I rang plod who turned up and left him a note inviting him to the station for a chat...

    Turned out he was a local....and years later, while I was on tour, my wife, who did not know who he was, bought a car off him. Strangely enough it turned out to be a complete pig.