Judge finds against REAL IRA

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by in_the_cheapseats, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

  2. Good call to that judge seconded.

  3. That's his career over if tone & cher have anything to do with it.
  4. Finally! Doubtless there'll be an interminable appeals process. Sets a rather appealing precedent.
  5. I can't believe that they were awarded such a pawltry sum. 29 killed, over 100 injured, and an award of £1.6million divided between them does not sound like a lot. I know they probably won't even get that much out of them, but I would have thought a larger ammount would be appropriate.
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I think I would be safe to bet that the families won't see one penny of the money awarded. Appeals lasting into infinity followed by "Can I pay up at £5 a week from my dole".

    Still, at least it is the correct decision. Well done the families for pushing this through - it would not have been allowed a few years ago.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Great result, but, and I'm really sorry to say this, effectively meaningless as already noted - the cnuts will claim poverty, they won't go to jail, or get a shell-case smashed into the backs of their skulls - Cher and Tone will be satisfied with this result.
  8. The money was never the object for the families. They wanted those responsible to be publicly identified and for everyone to see the evidence against them.
  9. Correct me if I am wrong, the level of proof required in the Civil Court is based upon 'the balance of probability'.

    The Criminal Court test is set as 'beyond reasonable doubt'.
  10. Can anyone see an appeal based upon this test?
  11. the Families were also awarded their costs

    only 12 of the Families took this action

    so in theory there is nothing to stop the remaining Families taking a similar action.

    Thier next course of action is to claim from each of the 4 named individuals- take a share in their property

    and businessess etc.

    I am so happy this happened to those murdering scum.
  12. The money has nothing to do with it.

    Not sure about in the NI but is correct in the Republic's courts.

    The first time I heard of this was when the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) was set up to seize the assets (cash, property, etc) that were the proceeds of crime. Basically the CAB takes a case in the High Court and the have to prove that it COULD be the proceeds of crime and it is up to the criminal to prove that it isn't.

    The burden of proof isn't as high in the civil courts.
  13. Only the shell-case? I would prefer the warhead.
  14. Yeah your right. Civil court is just a case of "they more than likely done it" but Criminal court is "they done it".

    I dont see much news in this at all. It means nothing in the grand scheme of things. There will be no sentences, and the fines will be nothing but a slight twitch in the side of the guilty party. £1 a week. I would like more to happen from it, but Civil prosecution can only go so far even with a crime as horrible as this. :(
  15. I don't entirely share your view on this. Sure, every dog in the street knew who the perpetrators of this crime were, especially after 11 years. McKevitt and his scum were happy to live under a protected level of anonymity and use the law to thwart the efforts of the relatives until now. This case now emblazons their faces across the world media which was an achievement in itself.

    It also sets a precedent in NI. These folks were badly let down by the politicos and the police and had to take it upon their own resources to pursue the fcukers. An NI judge 'working' in an Irish court, now that's got to be a first and if there is a God not the last occasion. Good on them!