Judge Dredd

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by wellyhead, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. For all you 2000AD fanatics, I heard last night that a new Dredd movie has been greenlit by DNA pictures, the company behind Last King of Scotland, 28 Weeks later and Sunshine.

    I'm just hoping it sticks to the source material unlike that crapfest with Stallone
  2. The Stallone Film is crap, but it did stick at least in part to the source material, just to flaming much of it, would have been better to film 'Origins' or some such (if it had been written then of course)
  3. Any news on who plays Old Stone Face? I reckon Christian Bale would be good in the role. Do the same for Dredd as he did for his old sparring partner, Batman.

    Whoever does it must play Dredd as he was always ment to be: the Hardest B@stard in Comics. During the Apocolypse War, Dredd wiped out East Meg 1, killing close to half a BILLION men, women and children. 8O

    The Apoclypse War would make a good Dredd movie, as would Origins, which shows the rise of the Judges to control Mega City 1... 8)
  4. pity clint eastwood cant do it - classic dredd

    Also why not a Rogue Trooper film?
  5. Yeah, they've got the CGI now for Rouge Trooper; just look at Dr Manhattan in the new Watchmen film... 8)
  6. Obvious choice for Judge Minty surely?
  7. Who to play Anderson then.
  8. I like Hillary Swank for the Anderson role if we are going to do things chronologically or Origins first. Psychic or not she's a judge and their primary tool is intimidation with the threat of physical violence. Swank looks like she would hit you with a billy club if you "breathed funny".
  9. The 2000AD Judge Dredd is just short of 70 at the moment.
  10. Can we have Pol Pot as the next Dredd, he did some decent stuff in his day as ;The Law;!!!
  11. He's concentrating on another project I believe.
  12. Could I suggest Jessica Biel ???
  13. Yes, but due to gene-therapy etc, Dredd is physically a man in(approx.)his late 40's - early 50's, with exceptional strength and stamina for a man of that age. 8)

    Dredd himself does not know his exact age due to the cloning process, which accelerated his development as a child.
  14. Grant Mitchell then 'ard man of uncertain age and English too
  15. No we cant as he has a lucrative recording career after last years xfactor or what ever he was on