Judge decides not to lock up a nonce

natotattie said:
To be fair, Mr Fraser was only humping the kids not killing them.
And this highlights (kind of) a serious point (kind of). Along with the sex offenders register I wouldn't mind there also being a murderers register for all those who have done time for 'seeing someone off'. As a grown man I've got nothing to fear from pervs but a murderer who's let out early but suddenly gets a blood thirst is a different matter!
Probably get more justice on the outside, especially with the name and photo
We're lucky the case made it to court. IIRC, kiddie rapists are let off with a police caution at the rate of about one a week.


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Fallschirmjager said:
Semper_Flexibilis said:
Judges do seem to have a bit of a soft side were nonces are concerned. :evil:
Good job he didn't lock you up then otherwise you'd not be posting any more.
Come on, they get internet access in the chokey these days.

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