Judge Attacked In Court


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BBC News - Judge attacked at Ipswich Crown Court (c) Auntie

The assailant hasn't been arrested, but is being held on suspicion of Contempt of Court. I have no doubt that the Judge will see him at the end of the day and send him down to have a think about what he's done.
did you miss the fact he got 18 months??????
18 months for knocking a judges wig off? (Which is basically all that happened).

Yet criminals can beat members of the public, ambulance staff, nurses, coppers, and other such people up and get nothing except a slap on the wrist. Amazing.
did you miss the fact he got 18 months??????
Seems I did. Where does it say that? All I could find was
Judge Devaux told the court: "It's not right I should deal with this case."
Mr Graham was remanded in custody to reappear before the court on Tuesday morning.

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