Judge asked to leave Friends of Kent Police Assn

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BounceBanana, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Mum Nicola O'Neill walks free after stashing £450,000 of cannabis in Rochester home

    Well even I have a trace of sympathy for Kent Plod on this one.

    The new RCMP recruiting office (staffed by officers on loan from Newport Gwent) in Maidstone is inundated with applications from dismayed Kent Plods. So some good may yet come of the judicial fiasco. Although mandatory steroid abuse testing by RCMP is reckoned to thin the applicants selected for interview to about 5%.

    If this lady runs a catering caravan maybe don't drive or operate machinery after eating the cup cakes.

    Mind boggles. Judge ??
  2. It's time Good CO gave you a dedicated Kent_RSS sub forum to bring us all this gripping Kent stuff.
  3. Why are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police recruiting in Kent? And why are they using Coppers from Wales to do the recruiting for them?

    I'm confused...can anyone translate please?
  4. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    And why should Gwent Police loan officers from Newport to recruit for RCMP in Kent?
  5. No. No one can translate because BounceBannana works on an entirely different level to the rest of us. His brain is somewhere up in the Mlaaarasphere.

    No one has even the slightest idea what his problem with Kent police is, far less any idea why the **** he thinks that we should care. He just throws a wibble-bomb into a new thread and then fucks off, leaving profound confusion in his wake. Qinetic are currently trying to weaponise him, but currently without success as he keeps melting the computers.
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  6. my head hurts-pass the silver foil please !!
  7. Err. Bit slow me.

    Who is bouncebanana?
    Whats the beef with Kent Constabulary?
    Whats Canada and Wales got to to with the Garden of England?
    Are all the constables emigrating to Canada via Wales?
  8. Cool 126kg of weed, wouldn't mind a box or two.

    Sorry what was the story, lost track there for a moment.
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  9. double the thickness foil please- i feel a long migraine coming on !!
  10. "As part of her sentence O'Neill must attend an alcohol treatment programme for six months, as well as 12 sessions at a women's offending group."

    So not exactly walked free, I may safely assume thate was more to this than the court hack wrote. I hate sloppy journalism that tries to big everything up with sensationalist headlines, even more so if it encourages this fellow and his endless Kent police ramblings
  11. Dont respond. He pops in, drops a shit thread and fucks off sharpish leaving us scratching our heads.

    He'll already be trawling the tinterweb page by page looking for his next "scoop".

    Its probably suffering with autism and cant engage in conversation.

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  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    If 126kg is making £450k in one transaction it has my full attention. Does anybody have a contact with this Kent Police chap? Ask him to PM me, yah? I have a community interest proposal.
  13. If bouncybabe could off load the cannabis. Then any subsequent crappy threads vis a vis Kent Constabulary get binned to the hole?
  14. I reckon you could shift that lot on the street for about £850k. But crime doesn't profit........................much.

  15. Yay! He's back.

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