Judge accuses Jeremy Kyle Show of exploitation

Shock horror revelation!! well you could knock me over with a feather etc

"A judge has condemned The Jeremy Kyle Show for exploiting 'foolish and gullible' people for entertainment.

His comments came as he jailed Jamie Juste after he left his girlfriend with serious facial injuries after a bust-up following the pair's appearance on the ITV1 show."

Judge accuses Jeremy Kyle Show of exploitation
My Jeremy Kyles have been playing up again today..
another 'bears shit in the wood' (except those in the zoo or circus) statement really.

Fools go on show, fools have big bust up and blame anyone but themselves. Judge wants to be in the news so says something slightly interesting.

(this post is not designed to cause outrage amongst the professional fool, jester and clowning community)

edited for spelling like a, erm, is there a PC term for 'mong'?
Well, its one Forum on TV for Mongs, Mutts, Chavs, Chavettes, Diptsticks.... and of course the 'Intelectually Challenged' (aren' they all?), along with Social Security Scroungers to vent their sad, pathetic stories...

Mind you, there have been some heart warming stories as well. But its seems like the Dipsticks have it.... air-time that is..... Just like Channel 4s 'Big Brother'... now that definately is a programme for the 'Mong Challenged!'

(all allegedly of course,... of course...!) :roll: :roll: :wink: :wink:

... and nobody was harmed in the making and production of this peice of mentally stimulating intelectual drivel.... of mine.... that is..... hehehehee!!
They go on the show as attention seeking, self indugent egos, it is car crash tv where the talentless, who are legion, are admired by the witless whilst sat on the couch. But yes it is exploitation of those who want to be exploited so that they can tell ther mates over a tin of Stella

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