Judean Peoples Front? Splitters!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tom_of_Bedlam, Nov 17, 2007.

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  1. That certainly brought a smile to my face.
  2. It's the Socialist Worker's Party half splitting from the Jamaat e Islami half.

    I think both sides are so used to lying it took them a while to figure out that they had nothing at all in common.
  3. So the muslim extremist Respect party has now become the :

    1/ Official Muslim Extremist Respect Party, led by George "Gerry Adams" Galloway

    2/ Provisional Muslim Extremist Respect Party, led by some extremist
  4. I'm amazed that the SWP is still going, other than argue amongst themselves they never do anything.
  5. Right, Just had a quick look round the internet and read a few Respect related blogs *shudders*. What seems to have happened is that the split isn't a Socialist/Islamist one but a case of George Galloway's egotism pissing everyone else off, and so he's gone off in a tiff and formed 'Respect Renewal' with his coterie of sycophants. Splitter!
  6. Gorgeous George has an ego? I'm stunned! 8O 8O
  7. That guy George Galloway just anoys me. He is a scrounging treacherous waste of space.
    Galloway is a tosser that deserves deporting to one of the countries that he thinks are better than this one.
  8. Could not agree more Perturbed......... back off to Scotland with him !!!!!!
  9. George Galloway is a constant reminder that the freedom of speech he loves to misuse would not be tolerated in the regimes he champions.

    It's a supreme irony that if ever he got his way (which I'm glad to say he won't) he'd be one of the first to conveniently disappear.
  10. If the worst came about there is always a silver lining.....
  11. And Respect's website said the party's annual conference, also being held on Saturday, was "full to overflowing".

    The website statement adds: "This year, due to extraordinary circumstances, the conference will be a one-day conference concentrating on how we move forward from the recent disputes within Respect.

    Overflowing like a sesspool, Im going to organise the Popular Front of Respect, SPLITTERS
  12. Somebody probably suggested he actually does his job more than a few days a year and he got in a huff.
  13. Quite right, I had it the wrong way round - Galloway's the splitter. But his sychophants are the Jamaat lot.

    Got to hand it to Galloway for changing the locks on the SWP though. :D
  14. Errrr, no! Scotland did not vote him in. That was down to idiotic voters in England.

    As much as I dislike what the Jocks say, what they do is a different matter. By actions they are amongst the greatest citizens of the UK. Good luck to them.

    Galloway should F'K off to a muslim country and live there. One which he claims is better than the UK. I will not hold my breath untill the lying scumbag does that.