Jude puts his hands up

Jude Law, eh? Can't keep it in his trousers.

Actor Jude Law has expressed "sincere regret" over an affair with nanny Daisy Wright as he made a public apology to his fiancee, actress Sienna Miller.
Law issued a statement after reports of his affair with Ms Wright, 26, who cared for one of his three children.

"I just want to say I am deeply ashamed and upset that I've hurt Sienna and the people most close to us," said Law, 32.

"There is no defence for my actions which I sincerely regret." He and actress Miller became engaged in 2004.

'Unreasonable behaviour'

Friends said Law and Miller were "working through" their problems following Law's admission.
Now, on one hand I'm quite impressed that Jude, having been caught sh@gging the crumpety nanny (who wouldn't?) just calmly puts his hands up. It's a bit like he's saying "Oh, come on Sienna, 99% of the planet's birds want me, I'm gonna do it anyway, get used to it."

Then again, Sienna ain't bad looking. Seen her in all the tackle in "Layer Cake?" You really should.

On the other hand, putting out a grovelling public apology like this might also be seen as a bit girly. Maybe he should have said, "Look, I fcuked the nanny, but she was nubile, 24, gagging for it and I'M JUDE FCUKING LAW! I'm sorry, I've been captured fair and square and I won't do it again (Fey Knights!)."

So, where do you stand on Jude's brave admission of guilt? Geezer or Girly? I'm a bit torn. And how have you dealt with being captured over-the-side by the missus/ husband/ whatever?

Lastly, how are Jude and Sienna "working through" their problems? Hopefully by inviting the nanny into the hot-tub with them, that's what I'd recommend if I was their Relate counsellor.



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As you say, he only does it becuase he can.

It may be girly to fess up like that, but is that a cunning plan of his to show his tender, caring, sensitive side - before boning someone else?

Iconfess to being deeply jealous of this barsteward - and given an earlier thread about nanny-selection, I do hope that Mrs CPunk doesn't read the gossip mags :)
Well, at the risk of being a bit of a prig, what is sauce for the goose is apparently sauce for the other goose. Sienna obviously had no qualms when she was getting the good news from Jude behind Sadie Frost's back. So really she has only herself to blame. The thing is, can't Jude start seeing some classy brunettes or red heads? I'm fed up with all the look-a-like thin-haired, skinny physiqued blondes. Get on the phone to Caroline Quenton, Jude mate, and ask her if she wants to go tatty-water gargling with you tonight...
Clever & cunning. After all, now that he has "confessed" and is ever so "sorry", what can Sienna do? If she dumps him now it's more than likely the populus' opinion will be against her.

Then again, I'm just envious. Should have become a nanny. Jude Law: RRROWR :twisted: :wink:
So he slipped over on the nanny butt naked and was forced to dip his end?
Another one of these dreamboat perfect men (see also brad pitt) that would never do anything to hurt a woman's feelings...whoops 8O
You really got to wonder about these ' stars'.. here's Jude with a choice bit of tottie and , what? - he gets bored? Dumps her and picks up a second bit of choice tottie - Sienna - then...well.. am I the only one seeing a pattern here?.. Maybe Sienna should have thought about how she ended up in the picture in the first place.. and shackled Jude's tackle with a tight pre-nup/infidelity clause.. Catherine Zeta Jones did it to Michael and a some others have the same ' escape bit'.. millions in payments for ' straying '...

While discussing stupid movie stars.. what about Russell Crowe.. pissed off at the hotel for ' poor phone reception' to Oz.. he clobbers the concierge with a handset...how does he apologize for this ' incident ' ? Buy the hotel workerf with the concussion and black eye a apology gift?.. agree to some financial settlement for being an ass?.. Nope.. He buys his wife a $ 500,000 chunk of jewelry to say he's sorry for ' embarrassing ' him and her in public with the photo of his being hustled out of the hotel in cuffs...

Only star I've any sympathy for is Brad Pitt.. shouldn't have married Jennifer Anniston in the first place.. she always struck me as a clingy, whiny, and frankly poor actress..so I can see him ' trading up ' to the top of the heap with Angelina.. but, he could have been a man about it and said goodbye to Jen first, right and proper, before jumping Ms Jolie's bones and denying it, ever so , to the press; ' we're just good friends who admire each other's work '..
[ yeah.. right..]

Think this all stems from the basic insecurity of the profession.. takes timing, luck and serendipity as much as talent to break out of the pack and become the personality du jour.. then you got to fight to keep up, then, suddenly you're last year's news and the next person's got your spot...ten years later you're reduced to flogging washing machines on late night TV...

the truth of the acting profession.. Stage one : Who's Jude Law?
Stage Two: We Got to Have Jude Law for this picture!
Stage Three: Find me a young ' Jude Law '
stage Four: Jude Law?? wasn't he in something about robots and flying cars way back sometime?...


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"Jude puts his hands up"

What ? Both ? 8O

Game girl this nanny then !

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