Judder when I start to drive (REME Q)

Hi guys, just got a new car today.

Rover 214 si
90.000 on the clock and full service history! (fully stamped up).

1 thing is a bit strange and I cannot place it.

When I pull away and release the clutch slowly, the car judders a bit until I release the clutch - I would presume the clutch may be on its way out....

What's your opinion?

Clutch plate - what cost are we looking at???
I would sugest checking the engine mounting bolts too.
Try taking the handbrake off before releasing the clutch.
agree with oldagecrafty,

check for knackered engine/gearbox mountings too, judder also is a sign of oil on the clutch plate showing a possible rear crankshaft oil seal or gearbox input seal failure. is there oil around the bellhousing??
No, the engine is clean apart from the obvious slight spillage and grime marks, the clutch wire is in place. The engine mounts are, as far as I can make out in place and thats about that. If I rev higher and ride the clutch the car pulls away smoothly!

Would replacing the clutch plate be a job I could do myself (I last serviced vehicles in 96, driver trade)

Oh hell - i said it now... lol
To check the mounts rock the engine and look at the top of the mount. If there is excessive movement( I would say more than 10mm) than they may need some attention.

I think that if the plates are worn then the engine revs will go up but you wont go any faster.
No, Revs are constant, their seems to be a slight movement when I rock the engine but only very marginal movement.

If I drive off in 2nd gear she is fine, it is merely the first gear where the car shudders.

Now I'm thinking it could be 1st gear!?
Check your wheel nuts. This is the cheapest first check.
Done, tyre pressure also done, cracks in alloys checked for.

I'll have to take it round to the mechs to see if they have a clue - I appreciate your input guys!
Got to agree with ASS.
Typical sign of an oily clutch plate. Leakage may not be apparent as most garages will do a clean up job to hide anything they don't want you to see.
Also, very little oil is needed to produce the effect you describe. Good luck to you mate.
Slip the clutch until you get a distinct burning smell. Let it cool, then do it again a few times. Then try driving normally. I there is no judder, then you've probably got/had oil on the clutch plate. If you're dead lucky, there may only be a small amount on - possibly washed onto it during an engine clean - and it will be cured.

On the other hand....
If it judders whilst pulling away in first but is fine in second guess what my advice is........
I'm guessing..... go on tell us the clutch is on its way out!
or bearings in the spigit bearing are goosed ....either way tek it back
Definately sounds like the clutch is on it`s way out.
I assume the service history makes no mention of the clutch being replaced? 90,000 is a lot for an original clutch.
Off topic I know , but wasn`t there an old trick of using a BCF extinguisher to clean a clutch plate?
Or did I dream it?
heard of putting a hacksaw blade across the brake linings on and old heavy, never heard that one tho

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