Jubilee Medal Qualification

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Ratfink, May 25, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know the qualification rules? I thought you had to have been in for 5 years to qualify, but saw someone wearing it the other day who I know hasn't... apparently they have claimed time in OTC/UOTC as counting towards the five years. Is this allowed?
  2. Did just a month short of 5 years regs and 3 years TA to date and got fcuked off at high port. I'm thinking of appealing.
  3. Why whinge about a bloody freebie gong... go and earn one instead.

    fcuking whingers.
  4. Already earned 3 you gobshyte. But thanks for the input. Tosser.
  5. fair one. Still why harp on about getting a freebie one when you've got gongs that required more than just being in.

    Plus it looks tonk.
  6. Agreed, it does look rather tacky. But if I'm due one then I want it.
  7. yet again.... fair one!

    So what's your PSAO's line on it?

    There seems to be quite a few pernickety jobsworths and lazy buggers in the Medals & Decorations department right now seeing as lots of people still havent recieved their TELIC medals despite returning from ops over 18 months ago.

    So much for gongs being "good for morale".
  8. I feel the same as devilish

    I was entitled but never got one

    Not in the right club apparently

    I suppose I could just buy one :p

    edit - What the hell am I doing in the Officers Mess >??
  9. Just got a new PSAO, so will have to run it by him and see. I'll try tonight. Thanks for the reminder.
  10. Good luck fella.

    Let us know his crap excuses....
  11. Dredging the memory banks here so if I'm talking total B*ll*cks feel free to say (I can rely on arrse users to do that can't I? :twisted: ) I was sure there were only a set number of Jubilee medals produced so that if you didn't get one at the time, that was it. Can anyone confirm or otherwise?
  12. It is a buck shee medal just ads to cost of getting them remounted when you get the next one the qualification was that you had to have done 5 years at the time of the jubilee not just have done 5 years.

  13. now are you on about the the QSJM? i got that one :wink:
  14. I understood that the 5 years was at the time of the jubilee, but i remember some FTRS chap trying to claim TA time and FTRS time and time in RNR and so on and being denied for some reason. So it strikes me as odd that someone should be allowed to count time spent in OTC/UOTC towards the qualifying time - surely TA service holds more weight than a university social club?
  15. Listen chaps, it's not worth the hastle. Got 8 me self, including 3 I can't wear and my tailor's shares are going through the roof.

    Must admit the fillies are rather attracted to an old knacker with stories associated with a chest full of bling 8)