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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mincer, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. This diamond jubilee medal seems to have caused a right stir.

    Jubilee Medals for Veterans | causes.com

    Firstly i personally dont see the need for it, id rather money be spent on more worthwhile things such as training and kit. I dont need a medal to tell me i was at a jubilee. i fully appriecate the occasion should be celeberated but dont see the need to slap a gong on for it. Secondly this petition, i was sent it via facebook, having looked at it i realised (im not saying everyone on there) the majority of people i knew who had signed it hadnt actually done an operational tour. Now this would not be a problem if they were agreeing with it for the real "Veterans" however... in most case i seen that they themselves stating "we" should recieve it. This caused me to question "what is a veteran", personally id always assumed it was someone with some operational experience? Am i right? Or anyone who has served in one way or another. Thirdly my big problem is i dont understand why a veteran would want a attendence medal? One they are no longer serving, having spoken to a few friends who have signed this they all used the same argument "i did serve her majesty at one point" thus one could argue all serving soldiers are entitled to golden jubilee. Also i dont see the attraction of it myself, a medal because of what the queen has achieved, i like medals to be for something i personally achieved. Personally i distain the idea of this hanging alongside real medals.

    I realise some people may say by doing this im getting more awareness to this cause, and that is valid. However im generally interested in widespread opinion.

  2. Use the fucking search function you cunt!
  3. Is it the Diamond Jubilee this year? I thought it was just the Olympics, Bollocks and Euro 2012. What with that and the darts it's going to be hectic.
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  4. Is everyone who gets stitched for the Olympics going to get an Olympic medal?
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  5. 'Melvyn Mullins'?
    Sounds like someone I wouldnt let look after my kid..
  6. I thought it was Falklands 30
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  7. Yep, but only Bronze ones. Silver if you do a good job, Gold if you personally bring down a suicide bomber (real or perceived).
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  8. I take it your not entitled to one then, hence your rant.
  9. Ffs (sgd)
  10. This is fast becoming walt stuff. If I get this right the petition is for everyone who has been in the forces at anytime between 1952 and now would get one. Never going to happen due to pure cost. It is in effect an attendance medal anyway and not what I would call a proper campaign medal.
  11. There, fixed it for you love.
  12. Signed, come on yooooooooooooo veterans
  13. There, fixed it for you love.
  14. Brilliant post.

    All you needed to make it completely perfect was good grammar, style and an interesting subject. Oh, and it was far too long and packed with waffle.

    But apart from that it was fine.