Jubilee Medal - got one yet?

Has anyone out there in ARRSEland actually received their Jubilee medal yet?  If so, are they arriving in dribs and drabs or by the unit full?
They have actually run out of money to make them.....it appears that there were far more people entitiled to them than was originally thought, especially REMF'S



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Sorry, only seen it on the telly ( Jubberly parades) but I do know one sad git who bought one!

so, if you are really eager, or just sad, try rdhmedals.com - they are only £39.50 each!  Buy a pair!  There's no numbers on them anyway!
It would not surprise me if someone did get their sums wrong - now there's a novelty for government.  Apart from HM Forces (incl Reserves), also entitled are the Emergency Services (incl Coast Guard) and the volunteer ambulances (Red Cross & St John).

If you were to buy one, what are the chances that the copy will be better quality than the original issue one?  I believe that was the case with the Gulf medal.


I've got one and it looks like it was made by fisher price "My first medal for doing nothing" toy. Sh1te.


sorry Verdi - that made me laugh. ;D ;D

'I'm a big boy now'  medal to go with your pull up pants?


and I've got special ops mittens joined with string and a snorkel parka I do right up so it covers my face. And a thunderbirds flask. My oppo tucks me in on OP's with a story. a quiet story though in case the scary men hear us. ;D


They better turn up soon or I'll have to un-court mount my minatures before the next mess do or maybe I'll just buy a crate of port instead! And even the minature looks as cheap as sh!te though!! :mad: :mad:
I've got one, and had it court mounted before the Jubilee as I was about to become a civi and wanted it done before I left.

I was on terminal leave and got called up to do the Vigil round the Queen Mother's coffin so there was a bit of a problem - luckily a kind Non Commissioned Officer helped me out with his lone NI Medal.

I don't know why you are all complaining, I think it is quite a nice medal, a lot better than the UN ones and better still it winds up all those who are crows and therefore too wet behind the ears to have one.

Lets face it all medals bar MCs, MBE etc come with the rations.


I've got one! I know plenty who have theirs too. I think it must depend on how units put their orders in when asked to do so.

Mine arrived quickly thanks to HQ Land. They knew I'd been posted, checked for my new address and I got it early July.


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What on earth is the fuss all about?  Last time around everyone complained that only 2 or 3 people in the unit got a jubilee medal (usually CO, RSM and then a lucky draw for the last!!).  This time everyone who meets the criteria gets one and people still winge.  I have just had mine mounted and I have to say the ribbon is relatively nice, the medal is shiney, and it looks a lot better than my other two.  If you don't want to wear it, you know where the door is.  


You are indeed legally obliged to wear medals given to you by the soveriegn-a mate of mine (yes I do have some) got a "Gulf War" medal because he was in Cyprus during the war-only he was on Det to the Falklands!! He refused his gong and was told in no uncertain terms to get his ribbon on etc..

Incidentally the only Jubilee gongs I have seen are those being worn on the uniform of the ceremonial types and those who are meeting a bigwig-so book the royal visit now!!! (only not Edward, pleeeeeeese)


Someone mentioned the Silver Jubilee medal earlier.  Indeed only three medals were issued to units and My wife's Grandfather has spoke to me (several times !!!!) about it.

At the time, there were three members of his Battalion, including himself, who were serving at the time of the Queens accession and were still serving at the time of the Silver Jubilee.  Three medals duly arrived and the CO was given the task of deciding who should get them.

A "No Brainer" you would have thought ?  No way, in a startling piece of logic, the CO decided to issue one to the Chief Clark (attached personnel, less than 20 years service), one to the REME ASM (same detail as ChClk).

As for the third medal ?  Well, he decided to issue it to a LCpl in the Pipe Band who just happened to have "Piped" (is that the right term?) at his Daughters' recent wedding !!!!!   Fantastic, eh?  ??? ??? :p


Just got a message from our OC that the jubilee medals have arrived, earlier than expected, and will be given out on camp (in September).

Hope yours are on their way :)


Without sounding too patronising - got ours, Regimental medals parade done, minatures sorted and already worn at a mess dinner. All those that qualified got one - no apparent discrepancies.

This isn't a minor success in light of SA80, GWII etc is it?
The only thing I got for the bloody Jubilee was 4 days of Orderly Officer. Bunch of arrse if you ask me. :'(

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