Jubilee Celebrations - Prince Charles' Para Wings!

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by David James, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. You couldn't help but notice the Para Badge With Wings, sitting gloriously on the immaculate uniform of Prince Charles whilst attending the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations. Now this subject has been raised before; does he validly wear the Para Badge?
    Now my recollection is that:
    If you served with a Para Unit, had passed 'P' Coy and completed the Para Course at Abingdon - later Brize Norton, then you were a fully qualified 'Para' and could wear the Para Badge With Wings and a red beret.
    Passing 'P' Coy entitled you to wear the red beret if you served with a Parachute Unit.
    If you were on 'held strength' of a Parachute Unit but had not passed 'P' Coy you were known as a 'Penguin'.
    The rest of the Army, bar a few notable exceptions such as the SAS, were known as 'Craphats', short for Conventional Ground Forces'?
    Now what is Prince Charles' situation?
    1. Yes he did attend an appropriate RAF Parachute Training Course.
    2. No he did not do 'P' Company or the Marine Commando Course.
    3. He is the Colonel in Chief of The Parachute Regiment.

    On the basis of points 1 and 2 he does seem to be entitled to wear the Para Badge with Wings.

    So is he:

    A. Fully fledged Para?
    B. Penguin With Wings?
    C. Craphat masquerading as a Para?

    Please send your votes to:
    Brigade Commander
    Officers' Mess
    16 Para Brigade


    The Roundabout Club
  2. He's had more jumps than you.
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  3. A currently serving high ranking Para Reg officer told me that Charlie did not do P Company. Imagine the pleasure and privilege of a P Company instructor beasting his arse up and down Hungry Hill, or a fellow recruit punching fuck out of him in the milling.
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  4. He is Colonel in Chief of the Parachute Regiment, why not go and tell him he is not entitled to wear them.

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    He and Prince Andrew both did a 2 week Parachute Course at Brize Norton.
  5. Did he not do his commando course in 1975? I thought that would allow him to gain his wings. I read on here soemwhere esle that he did the jumps, but not the night jump (not sure how true that is).
  6. I heard differently, he completed P coy but didn't do his jumps fully and apparently only supposed to wear the light bulb? Hes fully airborne in my eyes especially if he has had Diana and Camilla both licking his brown ronson and giving him a good royal ring dhobi!
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  7. The Roundabout Club doesn't exist any more.
  8. As on previous threads of this ilk:

    "It's his mums' armed forces, he can wear what he likes."

    Besides; couldn't have him in public wearing CS95s & an ACC capbadge now could we. (could we?)
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  9. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    that role is reserved for young edward isnt it.

    anyway charlie is too tall to be a para surely? he certainly wouldn't need a dias to review the regiment.
  10. Is there anything even vaguely airborne in Aldershot anymore? Last chat I had, even the para museum was moving out.
  11. And who are you to ask? What date did you complete P Coy?
  12. The Traf, and a few old cunts.
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  13. Does USMC know about this latest para controversy?
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  14. The Airborne Forces Museum moved to Duxford a while ago, well worth a visit.

    To the OP, what a rubbish thread - get over it...
  15. Or his mam will nack you.

    Who cares anyway? Some people are far too much up their own arrses.

    Excuse me please, I need to go and be a fireman on FB so the Walthunters can copy and paste it all.

    Or will I be watching Gilmore Girls.................