jubilee camp!

I was fortunate to stay at jubilee camp in the late 80's with 7 sqn, what an experience to say the least.
Downtown nicosia, Queen anne marie's bar and meeting the infamous "dum dum"(no i didn't but i know a man who did)
Started work at six usually very hung over, straight to mama's for a toastie
then off to visit a few op's and then back for one just in time to find out who was off to "napa" for the afternoon and evening. Straight down to nissi beach to top up the tan and to check out the scenery and up to the square to liaise with the swedes if i was lucky.Then it was a hallume and ham toastie to keep the strengh up untill it was daylight,jump a cab back to nicosia with that long walk up to camp picking up stragglers who had decided on a little sleep halfway up the road.I'd then swear that i would have a quiet one in the bar that nite untill someone said"who wants a lift to napa" oh god here we go again!

The rest is just a blur!! Just how i like it.
Yeah, what is your point? :?

I hope this string was just the result of someone re-living what appears to have been a very good posting indeed.

I like the other two who have replied to this ditty am a bit shaky as to what this has got to do with an RLC forum (Yes I appreciate you mentioned 7 Sqn).

I just think this string is a bit weird....it kinda feels like it should be a reply to someone asking whether they remembered Cyprus through the bottom of a pint pot!!!

Very Entertaining.........Very Surreal..........however will give it a go myself.......see below

You obviously had a remarkable time you lucky dog. Hope you are still holding up your traditions and are still getting regularly pi**ed in an attempt to re-create those heady days of Cyprus.

I was there with 7 sqn in 1981, best 6 months of my life, did lots of coach driving for the other cons, remember downtown nicosia well.
Jubilee camp is well and truely derilict now, drove around it a couple of years ago, there is now a dog shelter in residence, lots of the mad murals on the accomodation still exist, downtown nicosia is mainly shops now. More coffee shops than bars.
And another from Shiney 7, managed to do 2 tours to Cyprus. (89 & 91 I think) Kidneys are still recovering.
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