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Jubilee and Olympic security - jobseekers working for free

I think the wheels might be coming off the CPUK gravy train.
John Prescott To Write To Olympic Organisers Over Jubilee Stewards Boss Molly Prince's 'Criminal Past'
Even worse than the fiasco at the Jubilee check this link out
Live Firing - Leadership Development Centre
It is LDC which is a sister company of CPUK they are offering Firearms course 3 and 7 day packages for £650 and £1500
From a ******* barmaid the world as gone mad

Ah! I see. You feel she should know her place.

Much like that mail order salesman Branson or that barrow boy Sugar.
Read in the last couple of days a report which said most of the people taking part in this work experience were quite happy with it. It was also pointed out that this kind of work can often have unsociable hours, the need to turn up very early, and be outdoors. Perhaps those whinging have now tried out security work & decided it is not for them?


Ah! I see. You feel she should know her place.

Much like that mail order salesman Branson or that barrow boy Sugar.

Does Branson and Sugar expect there employees to work for nothing or pay them £2.60 a hour, do they make them sleep under London Bridge before starting a 14 hour shift.

She should know her place, and it is not running a security firm that as a lucrative contract for high profile events as the Olympics and the Jubilee.
Get back down the Dog and hammer pulling pints for the regulars bitch.
CPUK, are simply the dross who have got rich on the back of benefit handouts to get people back to work. Trash like them make appearances ever time the Nazi's get elected into power. This works for the Nazi scum, as the only ecconomic policy they use is high unemployment, nothing else get used because they don't understand any another economic model, and besides which it's a real quick way to reward their acolytes. Dozy Dave plan to jerrymander future elections by making sure the Nazi trash get re-elected is symptomatic of their long term beleave in the market, so much so that they have to interfere with it to make it work.
Calm down, Robbaeus, thought you said we didn't need money!
Calm down, Robbaeus, thought you said we didn't need money!
We don't but apparently CPUK need so much that they are willing to slave trade their workers?
Cpuk just had a minbus crash on the motorway driver nicked for dangerous driving and suprise suprise Molly cant't find the documents to prove he was a legal minibus driver.
Cpuk didn't get contracts for the olympic they were subcontracted for fire marshals skills needed stay awake.
Close protection uk is a rather a walty name for supplying stewards and security guards:(


It seems to be one calamity after another I mean who is gonna employ these muppets to look after them.
Once you lose your reputation like this it is gonna be very hard to get any more security contracts in. Even at the lower end of the security market.
Love what they put on there website.

Quality is everything

Here at CPUK we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the highest levels of service possible. From the initial risk assessment right through to delivery, CPUK will ensure you receive a professional and memorable experience.

Fully trained and vetted staff

Our Security Consultants are trained to the highest standards, are always vetted both professionally and personally and have extensive operational experience within commercial, executive and hostile environments.

Someone is telling porkies.
Maybe they should have looked into her past business endeavors before employing Molly, Mary, Mungo and Midge to provide security at the jubilee.

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