Jubilee adverts you love to hate... no, just hate.

With TSO a.k.a. The Remote Control Bitch From Hell being in command of the few days' viewing I have seen loads of adverts that really piss me off.

1) Harvey's Furniture: The one where three morons sing the National Anthem very badly to flog even worse furniture.
2) This really takes the biscuit. A dishwasher tablet in red, white and blue in its own "Limited Edition Jubilee Packaging!".. as if we're going to buy
that so that our great-grandchildren can get the "Limited Edition Jubilee Packaging" valued. FFS.
3) A certain well known bakers advertising "Enjoy the flavour of the Jubilee with our pasties". Get real you tossers.

What the fuck is a Royal Mexican Wave as attempted on The One Show just now...

I'm looking forward to seeing the Queen rocking away, sorry I meant Sir Elton.

Is it legal to immolate people in mobility scooters festooned with the Union flag, baloons that restrict their vision - as if they care - and stupid Union bowler hats?


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