Juba the Iraqi sniper

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by razorman, Aug 8, 2005.

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  1. The Guardian spelled the name of the weapon wrong. It should be "Tabuk" if anybody wants to google it. It's similar to a Dragunov SVD, but fires 7.62 x 39 mm, as opposed to the 7.62 x 54 mm of the Dragunov.

  2. You sure he's Iraqi? I'm sure there is a capable RG sniper with this sort of mental discipline, but look at the images from the fighting in Al-Najaf last year, and see what you can see.
  3. RIP lads but WTF were they doing wrong to let themselves get snotted by one guy.
  4. And more to the point, if he only ever shoots once and never takes a second, how'd he shoot four of them in the head?
  5. maybe they were all in a row.
  6. Urban myth per chance?
  7. I'm not so convinced from the reporting that this sniper is as good as the reports make out. He appears to be hitting from 200m with a sniper rifle from a prepared position in urban areas with presumably minimal wind - I suspect that with some range time most of us could do that. Hell, he's not even using a rifle cartridge if the reports are correct, it's AK ammo.

    The fact that he fires one shot then bugs out can also be interpreted as the actions of a man who wishes to live and places prudence ahead of valour. If he gets spotted the Marines will nail him PDQ, so take the shot and run. We tend to forget about the Iran-Iraq war and the trained soldiers still kicking about from that, so it need not be an import.

    The conspiracy theorist might suggest that the actions are the work of a team rather than an individual - that way if one does get nailed the myth lives on. Which neatly brings me to the point that mythologising this sniper is what the opposition want. They want a shadowy threat to keep the Americans awake at night and a hero boldly taking on foreign occupiers from the world's superpower for the locals.

    The answer of course is enough troops to place permanent OPs to nail this scrote or some decent int to pick him up.
  8. You have a point, but what is a four man USMC team doing so wrong that they get killed with four shots ?
  9. thats the way ahead. This man, if he exists, is a trained soldier and not one of the nutcase 'standby virgins, im on my way' insurgents.

    good point, of course there are, the well publicised story of the SBS getting ambushed and allegedly doing a runner is proof that the Iraqi army had some very well trained troops.

    It may be one man, it may be a whole group but it seems to be having the desired effect on the morale of US troops in the area.
  10. Im pretty sure they were slotted by a gang of insurgents, rather than 'juba'.
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Err, without going into details, but this whole story is B*llocks.
  12. I suppose, it was in the guardian afterall :twisted:
  13. good story though, yanks obviously believe it, its got them rattled.
  14. Didn't they get the Pinky as well? The pictures were shown at the time on Al-Manar or Gulf news. All the weapons laid out including M16/203 and LAW and other bits of exotica. I wondered at the time if they had personal weapons captured on display, did we have people in the bag or even dead.

    The Iraqis had some very well trained and very motivated people. But Bremner sacked them without pay remember? :(