JSWOC liaison visit to Singapore Warrant Officers School

From the Defence Academy's website:


International attendance on the Joint Services Warrant Officers Course (JSWOC) has grown considerably during the last year, particularly from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

Since February 2006, 7 Senior Warrant Officers (SWO) and Master Warrant Officers (MWO) from Singapore have completed the JSWOC in order to supplement the already-comprehensive training given to WOs in the SAF. As a result of this interest, and to consolidate the ties between the two countries, Sqn Ldr Dave Lewis of the JSWOC staff, visited the Singapore Armed Forces Warrant Officers School (SAFWOS) in March on a fact finding mission.

The SAFWOS is situated in an impressive purpose-renovated building at Pasir Laba Camp, and is part of the Specialist and Warrant Officer Institute (SWI), the mission of which is to train WOs and Specialists (equivalent to UK NCOs) to be of high calibre and high quality. The SAFWOS itself aims to provide suitable education and training in order to develop WOs as excellent middle echelon leaders. In order to achieve its aim, the school promotes a regime of rigorous and demanding training, life-long education, the sharing of individual experiences and individual acceptance of responsibility for learning and development. It also encourages active participation in physical fitness and non-attribution (similar to Chatham House Rules) to facilitate frank discussions and exchanges of ideas. The intention is to make SAFWOS the spiritual home of the SAF WO Corps and to encourage all WOs to see it as such. Even when not attending courses, the WOs are encouraged to visit the school on a regular basis in order to make use of the facilities and to interact with other personnel of the same rank.

The courses delivered by the SAFWOS encompass the whole span of WO service in the SAF from the Joint Warrant Officer Course (a 9-week promotion course for newly promoted 2nd WOs) to the Senior Leadership Programme (SLP) (a 5-week course to upgrade the professional knowledge and skills of the most senior WOs). The SLP has much in common with the JSWOC, and the two courses have many matching elements. The 2007 SLP was running during Sqn Ldr Lewis’ visit, and he took the opportunity to discuss these common themes, and indeed the differences between the two courses, with the Commander SWI, the Chief Instructor SAFWOS, the SAFWOS DS and the SLP students. He also spent 4 days with the SLP, observing the course, the instruction methods used, and he was also able to present the merits of attending the JSWOC to the SLP and other courses being held in the SAFWOS.

Singapore ranks below:


I wonder if this will lead to British warrant officers being sent to Singapore :D to attend their courses!
excellent posting was Singapore.....trishaw races around Raffles Square slurping "Singapore slings" from the Raffles Hotel......
mynameis said:
They appear to take a very structured tri-service approach to their training
If I'm not mistaken, the structure and progression of Singapore's Warrant Officer courses listed on their website is based on the US Army's Warrant Officer Courses - Warrant Officer Candidate School, Warrant Officer Basic Course, Warrant Officer Advanced Course, Warrant Officer Staff Course, Warrant Officer Senior Staff Course.

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