JSSW Digby

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by squirt, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. Hey all...

    Posted to the above soon and wondering if anyone could offer me any info they have about it...

    I'm especially interested in the size of the rooms in the block and also the pads houses as due to be getting married at some point!! Is broadband internet available?

    Any information about the job/location/posting as a whole would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. :D

  2. I have just left there. The blocks are pretty cr@p - very small and no sinks in them. I don't think you can have phones in them, but I remember that a lot of the guys had Sky, so I may be wrong.

    Digby itself is pretty remote - 8 miles from Sleaford (small market town, nothing special) and 11 miles from Lincoln (small city, loads of uni students, great night out!). Work on camp is scarce, but jobs do come up now and again. The messes and kitchens are the most commonly on the look out for new employees, if memory serves me.

    There are a few villages around camp where work might be had, but your partners best bet is probably Lincoln or Sleaford in that order. Beware of parking in Lincoln - it is not cheap.

    As you are posted to JSSW you will no doubt go native and in 6 months or so, sweat at the very thought of leaving your air conditioned office to go to the ranges. (Thoughts of exercise will likely cause you to faint!)

    Top tip - avoid the above, stay military and do not become infected by the RAF and their beliefs that they (individually) are responsible for nothing more than getting to work (not necessarily on time) and then doing as little as possible! It would also be wise not adopt their attitude to PT - which is to avoid it as often as possible!

    Other than that, Digby is great! Enjoy!
  3. Make sure you ring and let them know you're comming!

    A few years ago they rang me and asked me to come to fix some kit.
    I arrived after a three hour journey the next day.
    "Did you ring to let us know you were comming"
    "No, you rang me to ask me to come"
    "Oh, you can't come in. You must ring us first"

    FFS! I had to return home, ring them and return the following day!

    BTW. Do 'visitors' still have to wear a large black wooden cross around their neck and, in any room they're in, a red light slowly flash with a sign underneath saying "Beware, Black Cross in residence" - Or is that Opsec?
  4. Thanks for your posts.. Much appreciated. Really don't fancy block life any longer! Will have to start house hunting ASAP! :D

    As for the RAF lifestyle.. think it'll be a much deserved break!!! I can't wait! :D
  5. I will guarantee that after a matter of days you will want to gut every one of the lazy, civilians in uniform cnuts. They are an embarrassment to the armed forces.
  6. I've just spent a bit of time at Diggers-As short a period of possible to be honest though....

    Gym is fooking fantastic to be honest. It's mahoosive and has lots of decent gym kit. Just looking at it made me break out into a sweat!

    That road is also dying for a new land speed record to be set on it-40mph speed limit my arrse......

    Sleaford is very sleepy hollow but I was impressed with the amount of attractive looking females there.

    Taxi to Lincoln is £20 there and £30 back after midnight (there's a chit in the guardroom with these details on it).

    Alas, there are far too many crabs there and the ones that I experienced were a bunch of w@nkers.
  7. I recently spent a few months at JSSW and I found it ok. Exactly as TM says, the gym is very good and I couldn't really fault the facilities in general, although I lived out so can't comment about the nightlife on camp.
    I can't talk about the work on here, due to OPSEC but you may well end up with quite an interesting job to do. Conversely, you may be bored sh1tless, it depends on what you're off there to do.
    As for the crabs there, they're not all bad, one or two absolute CNUTS who's face I'd never EVER get tired of headbutting, but some really good guys amongst them as well. Like any posting shipmate, it'll be what you make it. Go with an open mind.
  8. Once again, cheers for your replies. Had heard the gym was a good'un. Is there a decent swimming pool nearby?
  9. There's a decent pool in Sleaford, and one at Sleaford Tech, but I'm not sure about the opening times and regularityin that one.
  10. I was at JSSU Digby (or 399 SU (AE) as it was called when i arrived) from Feb 1998 to July 2000 and couldn't get away from the place fast enough.
    OK so they sent me on LOADS of training courses (some of which are of no use to me now at all) but all the back stabbing and in fighting was too much
    the crabs hated the pongos
    the int and scalies hated each other
    the one decent thing i did get whilst i was there was an operation on my smashed up knee that the MO at every other unit i served at would not send me for!
    some very nice young ladies serving there, but most of them were crabs and they were all married to crabs
  11. pmsl Bags! You would need a map to find the gym and we both know you cant read em ya bog eyed f**k :-D
  12. I hated it - but then you know that Squirt. There's a good swimming pool at Cranwell just round the corner from there that used to be free for us to use. As for the Qtrs, try to get a new build (any of the roads named after trees), they are slightly smaller than the old houses, but have attached garages and are just generally nicer to live in.
    The rooms in the block from what I saw of them were a bit old and tatty, but never saw inside the birds block (honest!).

  13. Edited due to crap spelling and to add....pot calling kettle you phys-shy t@at. What hole have you just dragged yourself out of anyway?
  14. LOL!! Good call fella! Stumpy fooker can't spell phyz, fiz, fis :wink:
  15. Ah fk it, I've missed you guys pmsl

    Im still over road from ya Bags. Unfortunately you relocated north to avoid the early and late-ish drinkin. It been noted fella lol