JSSADA view on new BSAC regs

Could anyone out there let me know the JSSADA stand point on the addition of regulations allowing 12 year olds to train within the BSAC (restrictions applying)

How does this effect the inclusion of 12 year olds within service clubs? (our club used to allow the training of under 18`s only with a DIVING parent in attendance)

Will this mean that Cadets will now be allowed to join expeditions (within the restrictions) or indeed have thier own expeds?

What will be the medical standpoint? Will cadets require a full military diving medical? As dependants will military medical centres give "fit to dive certificates" to 12 year olds? As civilian members will civilian doctors give 12 year olds a "fit to dive" (obvoiusly non of this required by our civilian counterparts)

Any answers to questions, comments or general chat on the subject as always warmly welcomed.
Can of worms anyone!!!!!! :roll:
I will put your question to the Chairman & Vice Chairman of ASADA and get back to you ASAP.


ASADA Webmaster
Hi below is the response from the Chairman of ASADA, hope it helps.

Obviously the Army Sub-Aqua Diving Associations and the other single service associations support whole heartedly the initiatives taken by the BSAC as the National Governing Body.

As such there should be no difficulty with children 12 years old and above joining ASADA Registered Clubs. There are however limits on how many non-services personnel can be in a club and it may be that this quota has to be reviewed.

The question of medicals poses a number of challenges. As I am sure you will be aware the Joint Services are still in negotiations with the HSE on the future diving medical requirements for services personnel conducting diving in Services time. The HSE considers under these circumstances to be on duty and as such believes that services personnel should have an annual HSE diving medical. The Navy Superintendent of Diving does not fully support this stance and discussions wiith the HSE are still ongoing. Until this has been resolved it would be impossible to consider how 12 year olds are effected. Rest assured that the Joint Services are already consider the implications though.

I doubt that Cadets will be able to join services expeditions. It is already necessary to provide a good reason why a civilian should take the place of a services member on an exped. Usual reasons are because they are a SADS or an Instructor. There is no way a 12 year old to fit these requirements. If cadets wish to mount their own expeds I suspect that would be fine but I cannot envisage G3 PATS in Divisions supporting with cash so would question why they would wish to call it an exped. Without being familiar with the Cadets it may be that there is funding available from Army, Navy or Sea Cadet organisations to support such initiatives. S of D will have to consider whether these expeditions need to fall under JOint Services rules or whether they can do their own thing. If a Cadet unit has sufficient Instructors or Supervisors within a Cadet Unit to start its own Club and then wishes to join ASADA (or one of the other Associations) we will have to give the matter some further thought.

I will circulate my thought amongst the other Services Chairman for Sub-Aqua and SoD for their thoughts. I think demand will drive the need to reach a final decision on the subject though. Grateful for you questions and happy to keep this discussion going.


Guy Wallis
Chairman ASADA
Hi again, below is the response from the Vice Chairman of ASADA.

Further to Guy's points, I offer the following thoughts.

RN CCF provides diving through various schemes or expeds for cadets. Sophie Rennie is involved and I understand it to be an annual "camp" at Portsmouth diving at Horsea daily and an annual exped to Malta. The Chairman of Special Branch 651 may be able to offer more. By all accounts it is damn hard work for the adults/instructors as the duty of care requires constant supervision, particularly when the kids should be in bed - by themselves!

I don't know about medicals.

I suggest that taking young people on a Services exped would necessarily limit the aim of the exped and so reduce its value under JSAT, but this is a subjective opinion, not based on known fact.

What would be required is that anyone involved with teaching youngsters in a club would need to be CRB checked for any evidence of convictions for child abuse or sexual assault. Parents would wish to see that anyone, teaching or in any way involved, has been checked. These checks can be carried out by HQ BSAC (Mike Clack). I've been checked out in case I have to be involved with kids as an area coach. It costs nothing I believe, but does take some time (several months). Word of warning: this check is for evidence, not intent and there are some nasty bits of work around.

But I suspect that there may already be youngsters in Service branches. For example, if one or both parents belong to a club/branch, it may be that a child goes along for the weekend club trip etc. I am aware that some clubs have mixed mil/civ membership, so there is no reason why youngsters should not be junior members and since they will be diving under JSSADR as well as the other limitations placed on them by BSAC, they will be in a very safe, controlled environment - provided the question of medicals has been tackled and provided that at least the minimal insurance requirements are in place.

I would be interested to hear what Chairman RNRMSAA and SofD have to say in due course.

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