Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Two_Domes, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. Afternoon all.

    I did my RLT six or so months ago, and am now getting itchy feet to go back and do the JSRCL.

    Does anybody know what is covered within the course content? I'm led to believe that they cover how to escape the system and assisted/unassisted hoists but is that all? Do they check out personal climbing standards etc?

    Cheers for any help.

  2. Two Domes

    They will assess everything you did on the RLT - setting up top/bottoms ropes, abseil etc and teach and asses everything you said plus second climbs past a runner (a favourite). Make sure you leading, anchors and stance management are spot on.

    Pre-Course Standard (from JSP 419).
    a. Completed RLT within the last 3 years.
    b. Logged at least 20 multi pitch climbs of personal rock climbing, including some leads at VDiff grade or above.

    Get the Rock Climbing book by Lippy Peters - loads of useful info and have a look on the ATG Web - Welcome to Adventurous Training

    Good luck
  3. RF,

    Cheers for the help. Much appreciated.
    Just waiting for the new course dates now.