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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by DozyBint, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. I've been asked to post the following in order that the person in question gets the right information for her circumstances:

    The couple in question are not divorcing in the immediate future, but the wife wants to move herself and their children back to the UK at some stage. Apparently JSP752 relates to their situation so please will anyone who can offer (helpful!) advice or additional information post it here or PM me and I will pass it on.

  2. DB,

    I do not have the relevant info to hand but if nobody has posted by tomorrow I will give you chapter and verse. In the meantime (and this is caveated):

    If the couple has separated permanently, and the UWO has been informed, then an offence is being committed by the husband. The UWO should have advised him of this unless he believes that reconciliation is on the cards.

    The wife has at least 3 months, from the time that she is officially informed (and this point cannot be reached until the husband changes his marital status), before she must vacate the quarter - after this time she can stay, but eviction proceedings will commence, and the rental on the quarter will increase substantially.

    If she needs somewhere to stay after this point then there is scope for her and the kids to stay at the Cotswold Families Centre in Corsham, Wilts (link below).

    Above all, the UWO, and the Army Welfare Service, should be advising her on her options, and assisting her as appropriate.


  3. Be very careful! Once the Marstat has changed there is no scope for the removal of personal goods at public expense. Make sure you engage the Other Welfare Facilities such as SAAFA or AWS.

    Good Luck to her.
  4. I assume the family are in Germany and if so there are a whole raft of regulations which are specific to that theatre. The Welfare personnel should be involved early. The wife should apply for early move back to UK which brings an entitlement to removals etc. She will then either be offered a surplus married quarter in UK or accommodation at Cotswold. I would still suggest she pursues the whole issue with the Welfare staff at her husbands unit.
  5. Thanks for the info to date.

    pombsen-armchair-warrior, as and when you have a chance to let me know chapter-and-verse, please do so. :)
  6. DB,

    Further to the above, the following extract is taken from JSP 464 (TSAR). It highlights two important points:

    Firstly, that the family can opt to move to UK to an SFA in their area of choice for up to 93 days. Rent will be paid by the husband.

    Secondly, it is vital, if an entitlement to be housed by the Local Authority is to be maintained, that change in marital status does not occur until after the move back to SFA in GB.

    0333. Families repatriated to GB from NI/overseas following estrangement.

    Families repatriated to GB following estrangement abroad have an entitlement to 93 days occupation of the nearest available SFA to their preferred area of choice in GB, or the balance of 93 days if the change of personal status form had been previously signed prior to the families return to GB. The Service ex – spouse/civil partner will pay SFA charges for the period of 93 days after the form is signed.

    The allocation of SFA to an estranged spouse/civil partner after change in personal category status may be construed by Local Housing Authorities (LHA) as re-housing, and as such may prejudice LHA housing allocations. For this reason it is recommended that the change in personal category status is delayed until the spouse/civil partner returns to GB and is allocated SFA.

    Occupation of SSFA by estranged families is not permitted in view of the 6 month security of tenure provision in the tenancy agreement which exceeds the 93 day entitlement

    In addition, the removals back to the UK look like they are eligible for payment provided the following criteria from JSP 752 are met:

    07.0207. Moves for Non-Service Reasons.

    Moves made for non-Service reasons are not funded at public expense. Service personnel who opt to move accommodation mid-assignment for personal reasons are not entitled to a mid-assignment move of PE at public expense, except for the first move after break up of a marriage or civil partnership. In all other circumstances, authority for mid-assignment moves at public expense on compassionate grounds may be requested through JPAC Pay and Allowances Casework Cell (PACC).

    How this all works, however, is one for the experts, and I strongly advise that your friend requests the appropriate assistance from the UWO and RAO staff within her husband's unit.

  7. Thank you very much PAW. :)