JSP regarding accom rates.

Hopefully somebody far more wisened than I can help point me in the right dir.

I have recently been posted and, as usual, moved living address. I am a SLI and the accom I have just moved in to is woeful, far below the standard for which we are paying.

My outgoing number mentioned that they had tried to redress this with the correct person/agency only to be rebuffed and told they would not revisit it..

I am keen to take up the mantle and get the accom suitably regraded if it warrants.

What JSP is it (or similiar publication) which deals with the rates pertaining to accom standards?

Who do I need to speak to in the Regt ref this?

If my predecessor was unfairly told "No" is there any recourse to get it independently looked at and assessed?

I dont mind doing all the legwork and, if necessary, upsetting people. Just need a pointer ;)


JSP 315, try and speak to your nearest RE propman he should be able to give you guidance if it is that bad.

Going through it now.

I basically put a large chunk of the issues down to pervious people lacking some spine. I cannot find anything about Heli Landing pads. A wierd one I know but I hear that if a Heli Landing pad (regularly in use) is positioned within 400m of the Mess then it automatically gets regraded to the lowest.

Other ballaches I cannot quite nail down unequivocally are:

Carpets held together with tape or just as they are with holes.

Gravel and dirt streaming through the hot taps.

No TV Aerial socket, all livers in have had to spend approx £30 a head to buy a set top one.

Grotty as fook showers that need rebuilding.

Guttering that leaks into rooms if the windows arent locked.

There are others but they are minor. Anybody offer any pearls on these issues?
Apart from the aerial socket, they are not 315 issues, they are all management of the property issues to ensure it is in a good state of repair. The Helicopter distance is bollocks. We have one here next to the Mess.

PM me and let me know where you are, I should be able to find out your POC for the propman.
JSP 464: Tri Service Accommodation Regulations (TSARs). Part 4: MOD’s 4 tier grading for charge regulations for service family accommodation, single living accommodation and the substitute equivalents.

Have a look in here and it will detail the grading standards. Including the fact that you can question the grade of your accommodation within the first 3 months of marching in and have any changes backdated to the date of questioning the grade. You can of course question it after this and it is dependent on when the last grading took place, how on-side your G4 staff are and if you can present a sensible case. I succeeded in questioning the grade (after the 3 months) by completing my own grading of the accommodation using the JSP as guidance.

Good luck.
Thanks very much all.... I intend to take it up next week when i get chance.

Ayrfoce, no I am not. I dont even know what ATC means... Air Trg Corps?
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