JSP 800 Vol 7 tie down schemes


Hi all
Approached MT staff the other day after being tasked with putting a 110 L/R on a flatrack and strapping it down for a detail next week.

I asked whether i could get the JSP 800 tie down scheme for the L/R as the jsp 71 scheme ( what ive always been used to) totally conflicted with what i had reccently been taught which is to completely avoid putting straps round the wheels.
But thats beside the point

MT staff said that they didnt have a copy readily available and i should look on DII.

Checked on DII and found JSP800 vol 7 but there were no tie down schemes available except for the new MAN support vehicle.
Does anyone know where else these tie down schemes are available? and has anyone had any luck getting them on DII


I don't know about DII or JSP's all I can say is P for plenty. I have seen it done every way imaganable. All I can say is you can't have to many straps.
Have to say, i dont think there is any others. As you say JSP 71 tends to give the answer which you may or may not agree with.
The reason why MAN SV schemes are in JSP 800 is that its actually quite important where the load is on SV. And because we were all told, of old, to "jam it up against the headboard" this is actually not the way on SV. As JSP800 tends to be in all MT's/DII it was decided to put it in there.
On one of the early SV meetings there was talk of a small A5 handbook with each truck, of commonly used schemes but soldiers being soldiers, that would of been "lifted" on the way from Ashchurch to the trucks new Unit by "Unit Collect"!!

As has been said, you cant but too many straps on!!


I would say that it is not just the SV you have to worry about on the load position. All lorrys have a correct position in relation to size of load, wheel base and load weight.

Putting a load against the head board will stop forward movent but can over load the front axle limit. There is a formula that will give you the correct position on the bed for weight and load size.

Must get out more.