jsp 760 - leave automatic carry over

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by davedaniels, May 27, 2010.

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  1. last year i was left with 15 days annual leave, reading jsp 760 i was lead to believe that it was meant to be carried over automatically.

    however, on looking at my remaining days on hitting april, i have not had any days carried over. i ve spoken to my chief clerk who said i have to get permission from the co, so i have written a letter. it has no been some weeks, and badgering of the chief clerk, i ve heard nothing.

    it seems to me like they think i will just give up, especially as i get posted in 4 weeks, it ll be some elses issue. no doubt with my new unit telling me it was down to my last.

    where do i stand redressing this situation?
  2. Use them or lose them.

    If you had the foresite to approach your boss and predict you were going to be busy in the next six months giving up your leave allowance would be appreciated and your request for a carry over almost certainly approved.

    Leave it to the last minute X X congratulations you have just lost a years leave entitlement.
  3. if only it was that simple :D
  4. this was done, i was re assured by the admin team that it would be automatic, when it came to the new year, its a different story
  5. To be constructive then, for all serving pers, learn where the goal posts are, and play accordingly.
  6. It should be automatic though, and it seems the goal posts are portable. I checked my leave stats on Wednesday morning (I was at a loose end) and found I had 103 (yes, one hundred and three) days.
  7. My 15 was carried over automaticly, i had to write a letter to the CO for the remaining 15 to be carried over, which hit my account early this month.

    Keep pestering them......and ignore Bollock-Chops....
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  8. I carried 15 days over automatically, I was always led to believe that you could do, I was on tour at the time so couldnt take any of it, dunno if that had anything to do with it
  9. I had 15 days automatically, it should just go straight over and anything above the 15 days needs to be approved. There may be a reason why bollock chops is called that.......
  10. This is correct. Go back and see the person that told you that..

    However I should add that the automatic process didn't actually take place until early April (ie a week or so in) if I remember correctly. Its possible you looked before it had run? Check your absence balance now if you haven't done so again
  11. I wish I had an easy enough job that let me take all my leave.
  12. Checked mine today only 38 there despite having 15 to carry over, sod it.

    Oh and bollock_chops, sometimes you can't just take time off when you want just to use them up you pr1ck.
  13. I'm sure the Radio Antenna Repair Regiment is as busy as the rest of us lads
  14. Like many others here I had 15 carried over as well as losing a slack handful along with those carried over. However there is an upside as with my saved up leave and terminal leave I am out over three months before my actual discharge date. :)