JSP 752/RAAC/JPA – effect on claims and allowances for TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mercedis, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. Would anyone like to comment on the effect of the above on the TA wef 01 Apr 06.

    I have seen in another thread that there will be a real effect for some of the NRPS http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/p=600208.html#600208 but there are rumours that TA are also effected from the implementation of JSP 752.

    Have looked through some of the DINs but no real substance.
  2. Post a link.
  3. According to our sqdn orders: From 1 April no more TEA, but you can somehow claim for missed meals.

    Have a feeling there will be many questions asked and far fewer answered!

    Have no intention of whinging. However, if the Queen wants to give me an allowance to buy my ginsters on the way to the TAC rather than sitting down to foie gras and lobster at home then I’d like to make sure everyone in the unit is getting their fair whack!
  4. Was told about Missed meals (MOA Meals Out Allowance) this week replacing TEA. However, you can only claim it if, and this is the best bit, you claim more than 12 Missed meals in a 1 month period. The document I saw even went on to say therefore it would be nigh on impossible for the TA to claim.

    So, that'll be a £190 per year pay cut for all then.

    Still someone has saved Mr Brown about £6m per year, so OBEs all round.

  5. A superb bit of recruiting and retention.... I read it was 9 meals out but either way, TEA has effectively been abolished with "TA Regs to be amended in due course".

    I wonder if JPA will shine a light on the whole world of strange allowances that the Regulars get to claim. Seriously more complex than anything I ever came across in Industry.

    Why not abolish everything bar the sensible basics - like paying actuals for travel expenses - and increase the basic pay accordingly :